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5 themes of geography

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Nazareno Clemente

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of 5 themes of geography

5 Themes of geography India People : The most popular is the train, then for long distances they use planes and as in many countries are taxis here there are some kind of tricycles that looks alike with a Kombi. Movement Goods : For transporting goods they use trains, planes and trucks. Ideas : for expressing ideas , they use the TV, the radio, the newspaper, internet and songs. Region How humans affect the environment: The Taj mahal brings lot of tourists, and tourists contaminate a lot and bring more diseases. Human Environment Interaction How the environment affects humans: In India it depends a lot in where you live because there are lot of different climates, for example if you live in the north you would need to adapt to the cold temperature by using warm clothes, and if you live in the south, you would need to adapt to the tropical climate by using summer clothes. Absolute location:
Jaipur: 26°54´44.54"N and 75°47´14.82"E
New Delhi: 28°38.6´N and 77°12.5´E
Mumbai/Bombay: 18°58´30"N and 72°49´33"E Location Relative location: It is at the east of Pakistán. China, Nepal, Burman are at the north east. It south makes contact with the Indian ocean, Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal. Human characteristics:The major religions of India are Hinduism and Buddhism.
Architecture: Mughal architecture and South Indian architecture.
Language: The two official languages in India are Hindi and English. Place Physical characteristics:
Landforms: mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, valleys, deserts, island, sandy beaches and Planes are the principal landforms of India.
Climate: Dessert in the west, alpine tundra and glaciers in the north and humid tropical regions in the south west and the island territories.
Wildlife: It has a big diversity of wildlife in a variety of protected habitats. Formal region: Mumbai, New Delhi,
Bengaluru and Jaipur are one of the most popular cities of India. Functional region: In Bangalore, Koltara there´s a 4G phone coverege area of GMS.
In the entire country the most famous newspaper is "The times of India."
There´s a MMS computers factory in 8 states including Delhi. timesofindia.indiatimes.com
www.indiafolks.com/history-and-culture/what-are-the-major-landforms-in-india/ Sources
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