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Preparing for Deployment for the Single Member

No description

Esquimalt MFRC

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Preparing for Deployment for the Single Member

So you are preparing for an upcoming Deployment.
The first step is to visit us at the MFRC.

Why visit the MFRC ?
We are here to provide supports to the military members and their community during all phases of deployment.

We can provide mission updates, staying in touch services, mailing information, short term counseling, workshops and social activities for your loved ones while you are away.
Where are we located
We have two locations in Greater Victoria
visit http://www.esquimaltmfrc.com/about-us/locations.php
Next Step ...Family Networks
Each unit has a volunteer
Family Network Representative
who has a military member posted to that unit. This individual volunteers their time to keep families and loved ones up to date on what is happening within the MFRC and the greater community.

Some of the information you will receive from your rep is :

Next Step...Pre-Deployment Briefing
Next you will want to attend your unit's Pre-Deployment Briefing. (Invite friends and family)

This is where the Command Team, MFRC and various Base Departments will provide information about the upcoming deployment as well as the services and supports that are available.
I know this is a lot of information
We recommend several resources to assist your friends and family during your deployment. Including the ship's handbook, the MFRC deployment handbook, a pre-deployment checklist, an "everything" binder and our new Deployment App
Lastly... here are some tips
Preparing for Deployment
Where to start !
Colwood Pacific Activity Center
2610 Rosebank Rd, Colwood
Signal Hill
1505 Esquimalt Rd Esquimalt.
Our friendly Staff is here to assist.
This is the easiest way to keep loved ones updated on what is happening throughout the deployment. This will also provide us with the necessary information to reach loved ones if something happens.
Ongoing events
These include
Away Cafes
Deployment Bingo
Network events such as 1/2 parties, beach days, playgroups
Sunday Information Session times and locations
Adult Workshops
Important Information
If there is an emergency, change in mission or any other reason for the command team to reach out to your friends and family; the family network contact list is used.
This may seem premature at this stage but have you thought about how homecoming day works. Talk to your friends and family about homecoming expectations.
These will include
Commodore/Command Team
They will discuss
Power of Attorney
Filing Taxes
Travel Letters
Base Orderly Room
The BOR will attend to discuss
information about

Health Services
They will explain the medical and dental services for members.
We will talk about the many service we offer including:
Family information line
Staying in Touch Service
Mail Drop off
Away Cafes and Deployment Bingo
Deployment workshops for Adults and Children
Sunday Sessions
Family Networks
Pre-Deployment Brief
Fleet Mail Office
They will explain the morale mail system for sending care packages
They will discuss the mission and the deployment particulars.
The first thing you need to do is update your information with the MFRC.
Why is this important ?
make sure to fill out both sides!!!
Start by filling out your Family Information form.

Assistant Judge Advocate General
Questions or Concerns?
Don't hesitate to stop in or call the MFRC with your questions.

You can call us at 250-363-2640 or toll free at 1-800-353-3329

or visit our website at www.esquimaltmfrc.com
Discuss Communication expectations
phone calls
Time with friends and family is important. Be sure to spend time together before you deploy.
Check out the "D" word video
Ensure friends and family know how to contact their local MFRC if they have questions or concerns throughout your deployment.
Have concrete written plans for an unexpected family crisis or emergency.
Deployment Support Handbook
Unit Handbook
Pre-Deployment Checklist
Everything Binder
Help your friends and family find your Unit Rep.

: http://www.esquimaltmfrc.com/deployment/family-networks/index.php
A Single Members Guide
These are open to family members and friends that are looking for connections to the community

Available in English and French
You are now ready for the next step... DEPLOYMENT!
Deployment App
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