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Horror genre conventions

A prezi that shows the conventions of horror films. Includes settings, institutions and characters.

Sarah Bricknell

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Horror genre conventions

Horror When you think of horror films you think of: Settings Mise-en-scene Props Characters Actors/Actresses Promotional packages Institutions They are normally set in graveyards, forests, deserted cities or within someones home. It is normally set at night rather than in the day time. The is almost always an isolated place. As the genre has evolves the films have been set in places that the audience can relate to rather than far away places. They can be set in any time period and so the mise-en-scene must fit that time. Normally it the lighting is dark and there aren't many bright colours used in horror films. Costumes Not all institutions make horror films. These are a few of the production companies that do. The budgets for the film depends on the production company and over the years the budgets have increased for example in 1941 universal had a budget of $180,000 for the film The wolf man. A more modern hammer horror film The woman in black had a budget of $17million. dark castle is another institution that makes big budget horror films. In most horror films there is a victim and there is something causing the horror but this character doesn't always have to be a person. In many older horror movies women are normally shown as the victims and men shown as the hero or the film causing the horror. Also in old horror films there was normally a monster. Knifes, blood, body parts, children's toys, masks, guns, ancient artifacts and axes or anything that can be used as a weapon. As most horror films are set in the present the characters normally wear clothes that are familiar to us. But there are some horror films especially older horror films that have costumes that belong to a different era because of when the film is set. The same characters are feature in each part and similar font is used. All dark colours are also used in each. In earlier horror films the many of the same actors appeared in different horror films such as Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi. But now many different actors appear in horror films.
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