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R Wilson - Piggy - Pd.4

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of R Wilson - Piggy - Pd.4

R Wilson - Piggy - Pd.4
Physical Description:
"He was shorter than the fair boy and was very fat." Pg.7
Short and fat, wears glasses.
Most Important Action:
"No, a shell!" Pg.15
Was the first to see the conch, which brought the boys together and becomes a source of great conflict.
Second Most Important Action:
"Who knows we're here?" Pg.33
Piggy brings forth the gravity and severity of their situation this shows his realist outlook.
Third Most Important Action:
"I got the conch, just you listen!"
Taking the conch again to speak of the necessary actions the boys need to take, like building shelters. Shows his determination to get things done.
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