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Exploring the inventions of Renaissance Man “Leonardo da Vi

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Tiffany Snead

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of Exploring the inventions of Renaissance Man “Leonardo da Vi

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Virtual Field Trip
Exploring Renaissance Man “Leonardo da Vinci"
by Tiffany Snead

The period known as the Renaissance, which means rebirth,
began in Italy in the 13th century. This was a time of renewed
interest in the classical works of Greece and Rome.
The Renaissance inspired an explosion of trade, art, science,
architecture, and literature. During the Renaissance, Italy was made up of several independent city-states. Florence, which was ruled by the powerful and wealthy Medici family. Florence, Italy became a well-known for its painters, sculptors, philosophers, scientists, and poets. This was a result of the Medicis’ eagerness to sponsor the work of such artists. One of the most famous of these artists, was Leonardo da Vinci.





Start here!
Let's take a field trip back in time. Click the 2nd arrow to travel back to the 14th century Renaissance Italy and explore a great inventor named Leonardo da Vinci. You can click on videos and links in the tour to experience 14th century history and to play an interactive game.
A Man of Many Talents
I hope you enjoyed your virtual field trip to the Renaissance and that you learned something new about Leonardo da Vinci !

Who was Leonardo da Vinci?
What did he do?
Why is he famous?
What were some of his most famous artworks?
What were some of his inventions?
When and where did he live?
Use the VFT question sheet to record answers to these questions.
Art by Leonardo da Vinci
Here is a map of Italy.
Click this link for an interactive invention activity:


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