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Teaching for Biliteracy

No description

P Herbert

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Teaching for Biliteracy

Planning the Strategic Use of 2 Languages
An effective unit framework for biliteracy:
is based on school's language allocation policy
provides a structure for planning for the strategic use of both languages
includes activities and strategies that reflect the distinct linguistic and cultural rules of two languages
includes strategies for transferring skills and understanding between languages
integrates instruction in literacy skills with meaningful content
Information Gathering
Before the Bridge
Before the Bridge
developing oracy and background knowledge
reading comprehension
word study
summative assessment
in one language
Students may use both languages throughout the day when they are learning in either language.

Unit Planning for the Strategic Use of Two Languages
integrates language arts and content-area instruction
begins with a concrete activity
moves from the concrete to the abstract
progresses into teaching reading and writing
makes cross linguistic connections through the Bridge
includes an extension activity in the other language in which the students can use the language modeled during the Bridge.
Teaching for Biliteracy
On the Road to the Bridge

Who are your students?
What are their linguistic, cultural, and academic backgrounds?
Reflect on your own background.
Decide on the language you will use for instruction.
The language used for instruction of a unit is determined by the program's language allocation plan. The language allocation plan determines how much time is spent in the two languages. The content allocation plan identifies in which language each content area is taught in each grade.
Teachers must plan to use and model academic language and deliver the entire lesson in the language selected.
Language mixing on the part of the teacher is not appropriate.
They must become aware of the regional terms their students might use and respond to regional and informal language with comprehension and respect.
They can view the student use of words like "lonche" or "troca" as opportunities to discuss differences between language used in the home or playground and academic (school) language.

Teaching for Biliteracy starts with the Language Allocation Plan.
What is the Bridge?
The time when students are taught to examine the similarities and differences between English and Spanish using contrastive analysis.
"Heavy lifting" before the bridge. The teacher develops background knowledge, reading comprehension, writing skills and vocabulary in one language.

After the Bridge, the teacher plans and implements extension activities in the other language.

based on
Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages

by Karen Beeman and Cheryl Urow
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