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Life Map

No description

Curtis Jacobucci

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Life Map

Become a Graphical Designer/Artist
Always interested me and been something I enjoy doing.
Learn Ancient Warfare
What I learned about myself?
I love Graphical art and history of war, and minor traveling
What patterns I see?
I prefer to do things that I have been interested in for a long time
What are my focuses?
Mainly education and getting away
Love to further my knowledge on our history of war.
My Stepping Stones to Happiness
Does anything surprise me?
No since I already had what I wanted in mind
If the images came alive, would I be OK with that?
I would since it would be either what I want or related to such
Who do I need to become?
Hardworking, dedicated student who has a passion for what he wants to do
What quality To work on now?
I will work on becoming more of a dedicated student
1 hr per day
Best courses offered
Requirements needed
Information in a binder
Have reminders on my phone.
Friends and Family
Research Programs and types of schools
Hour per day to Calculate costs
Get a part time job to help save money ($6500)
Save $50 per week for 130 months
Add $70 when a job comes into play (79 months)
Mark dates on a calender to symbolize deposit dates.
Parents support.
Save for Course Fees
Attend daily classes
100% effort
Earn my degree
Reminders on phone and calender
Attend Daily Classes
30 min - 1 hr per day
Attractions/further education
Minor details of area
Reminder on phone/calender
Friends and family
Research Locations
1 hr per day till enough found
Culture, disasters, good/bad parts of town, etc...
Reminders on phone/calender
Friends and past tourists
Research Area History
Save $50 dollars a month for 60 month ($3000)
Increase deposit amount with employment
Reminders on Calenders
Financial advisors
Save for the Trip
Research 1 hr per day
Most effective "barracks"
Phone, digital calender
Friends with similar interest

1 hr per day
Materials required
Save $60 every two weeks for 20 months
phone ad digital calender
Friends/past students
Research and Save
Attend daily hour long class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Learn more about war history
classmates and friends
Attend Lessons
I want to expand my opportunities by seeing the standards in a variety of areas.
Travel to The States
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