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Types of Internal and External Conflict

Internal and External Conflict

Jennifer Battista

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Types of Internal and External Conflict


There are two different categories into which conflict can fall.


Internal conflicts are known as person vs. self. This means that the trouble or problem lies within a character.
How do you know that this character has an internal conflict? How does the animator choose to represent his struggle?
External conflicts include any troubles or struggles that a character has with anyone or anything outside of himself. They can fall under several categories.
Person vs. Person
Person vs. Society
Person vs. Nature
In a person vs. person conflict, two or more characters are involved in a struggle or disagreement. The following is an example.
What two characters are in conflict here? What are they in conflict over?
In a Person vs. Society conflict, a character goes up against the ideals of the community in which he lives. It could be the government, a large group of people, or popular opinion in general.
In this clip from To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is fighting against his society. What ideas of his society is he trying to fight?
In a person vs. nature conflict, a character must go against and overcome natural forces or disasters.
What natural forces are causing the conflict in this clip? What conflicts are they causing?
Man vs. Supernatural
In a Man vs. Supernatural conflict, a character faces forces that he cannot control and sometimes does not even understand. This can include Gods, witches, ghosts, or any other enchanted beings.
What was supernatural about this clip? Who was in conflict with the supernatural forces?
Test yourself
In the following clips, try to identify and explain they primary conflict. It could be:
Person vs. Person
Person vs. Society
Person vs. Nature
Person vs. Self
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