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Marissa, Abby, Daniela, Alejandro

No description

Mrs. Ireland

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Marissa, Abby, Daniela, Alejandro

Pollution is plastic bags, water, bottles, soda cans and paper. We see pollution at the park, streets, sidewalks and schools. Pollution is a problem because people don't throw there trash away in the trash cans.
Driving Question

Does pollution effect the systems of plant and animals?

Plant systems
The plant systems are roots,
stem, leaf, petals, seeds.
Animal systems
The systems of animals are
Digestive system
Nervous system
Respiratory system
Circulatory system

We hope to see...
Lots of recycling in the recycling bins. We also hope to see kids cleaning around the campus. Then we would like to see kids throwing trash in the garbage cans. We would like to see kids telling other what is right.
Our Plan
Each week we'll check to see what your class is recycling and what your class is throwing away. If you're class is doing a good job, we'll give you a Golden Eagle!!!
What can we do at school
We can stop pollution by picking
up trash. Putting the trash in the garbage can and recycling in the recycle bin.

Thank You
Thank You for coming to our
presentation !!!!!
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