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2013 AHS Life in a day

No description

Gyobs Baguio

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of 2013 AHS Life in a day

Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Good Morning!
First day of school. Yeah!
#NewDay#BuhayAHSTeacher Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Sakto sa shuttle. #feelingfieldtrip around campus! Libre pa! #tipid #instacollage Inez Celestino @mscelestino
The magic swiping machine #timein ` Inez Celestino @mscelestino
#firstday in the highschool! Im here! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
ID swipe + biometric scan = Time in! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Home sweet home! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Hi Mam @SAC Heto yung lesson plans ko. Muntik ko na po makalimutan ang LP ko! :) Inez Celestino @mscelestino
My cubicle! #instacollage AHS Secretaria @AHSSecretaria
#teachermaterials chalk, check! AHS Secretaria @AHSSecretaria
@mscelestino Come in! Your onestop shop for forms, materials and copy orders AHS Secretaria @AHSSecretaria
school forms AHS Secretaria @AHSSecretaria
copy orders for quizzes, tests and handouts AHS Secretaria @AHSSecretaria
#teachermaterials A4 paper - check! AHS Secretaria @AHSSecretaria
#teachermaterials recordbooks, check!
Oops! Almost forgot to submit my lesson plan! AHS Secretaria @AHSSecretaria
dont forget to sign the logbook for the materials! Sir Jopet @sirjopet
Wow ang aga ni @mscelestino ah.
happy first day of teaching! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
#stopover muna sa ladies room!
Kailangan extra presentable on the first day! Inez Celestino
winning teacher smile?
check! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
teeth clean?
check! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
winning teacher smile ulit. check! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
uhmmm. check! Inez Celestino
#checklist: check
silence bell naaa! One minute silence to prepare for class. Wag masyadong excited! #ringgggg #shhhhh Pasaway Iam @iampasaway
Ang aga ni @mscelestino! Tago na phone baka maconfiscate pa! Less Clu @anoraw
Anong subject ba to? Pasaway Iam @iampasaway
AP ata. Tanong mo si @beadle4eva Maki Cruz @beadle4eva
@iampasaway @anoraw math to uy! Upo na kayo parating na yung teacher! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Whew! First class done! Nakakapagod pero masaya! Ang kulit ng boys! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
#ateacherslife checkables here we go! ` France Doruelo @msfrance
@mscelestino, parent. Inez Celestino @mscelestino
@msfrance salamat po! Mrs Cruz @MommyniMaki
Had a short chat with my son's teacher, @mscelestino. She's very nice! #ahsplaces 3rd year wing, 3C classroom #ahsplaces
AHS Main Lobby
Parent Teacher Conference Area Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Hello #Ateneo! Woohoo! Mam SAC @SAC
@mscelestino Its ok! :) Good luck on your first class! #ahsplaces
AHS Main Lobby
entrance AHSBell @ahsbell
#ringgggg #lunchbreak na!! AHSBell @ahsbell
siguraduhing kumain, hindi pa tapos ang araw. #takecarecosicare Inez Celestino @mscelestino
#Lunch at #AHSMainCoffeeRoom? @sircrisostomo @sirmasangkay @sirgavino Migs Crisostomo @mrcrisostomo
Woohoo! #Lunch Ang dami kong food chits!
Manlilibre ako! @mscelestino @mrmasangkay
@mrgavino Mickey Gavino @mrgavino
g! Zoel Masangkay @mrmasangkay
Game! Gusto ko ng Ice cream, milktea, burger, hotdog at kanin! #dietisnotanoption @mrcrisostomo @mrgavino @mscelestino #ahsplaces
Main Coffee Room ` AHS Bell @AHSBell
#ringggg 5 minutes nalang, tapos na lunch break! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Next class naman!! AHS Bell @ahsbell
#ringggg #shhh silence bell #theend #ahsplaces
Main Workroom
Bulletin Board Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Good Morning @sirjopet #ahsplaces Main Workroom Pigeonholes AHS Bell @AHSBell
#ringggg end of class 5 minute break muna AHS Bell @AHSBell
#ringgggg #gogogo start of classes!
Kids magpakabait! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
First Period! 3C! Inez Celestino @mscelestino
I need some chalk and other materials!
@AHSSecretaria #BuhayAHSTeacher Inez Celestino @mscelestino
Wow. #firstday mail: Parent Teacher Conference Request Form. PTC agad?
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