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Boxing Gloves

No description

Cameron Khuu

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves
History of the Boxing Gloves
-Fist fighting was a form of entertainment in the early days of civilization
-As society deemed it too brutal, they tried to ban it altogether.
-In defense to this they created protective gear to support the frailty of the human body
-The oldest and most little changed of these have been the Boxing Gloves
-Earliest record use of hand protection was 688.B.C. as they wrapped their hands and wrists with leather strips
-Generally acknowledged of the inventor of the modern Boxing glove was a fighter Jack Broughton.
-As it was not popular, many championships were still held bare fists.
-American fighter John L. Sullivan is said to have been one of first to popularize the wearing of gloves in public bouts.
What is a force?
-A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object's interaction with another object
-When the interaction ceases, the two objects no longer experience the force.
-Forces only exist as a result of an interaction.

How Boxing Gloves reduce force
-Boxing gloves have 2 main compartments, the inner mitt shaped like your fist and the outer shell which is padded typically by poly foam or polyvinyl chloride providing support and protection for your fist.
-When the padding receives a force upon impact, it compresses in which reduces the force and energy being applied
-The outer shell is flat on the front thus more air resistance reducing the force even further.
-The impact in which the boxing gloves deliver is spread out instead of compressed due to the flat head of the glove, as with knuckles it impacts on one spot.

Forces involved and their potential
-There are two sequences in a punch. The stationary part in which you are filled with Potential Energy, and the moment you make contact in which you exert Kinetic Energy.
-As the boxing glove is stationary, the forces in which applies to it are gravity and normal.
-As the boxer begins to thrust, there are many forces which slow him down such as friction material and air resistance, in which reduces the speed of the punch making it less power/energy
-As the boxing glove makes contact with the opponent, the Potential energy is released thus creating Kinetic energy, this all relating to the force of impact.
-Good Morning
-What is a force
-Talk about the history
-The forces that are involved
-The impacts that it could protect against
-Negative aspects
-Overall conclusion

The impact it could protect against
-Boxing gloves protect the boxer against physical contact.
-As the bones in the hands are short and not made to slam in to something with a lot of force, the cushioning protects the hands and wrists from breaking
-It also guards the opponent as well as the boxer, as it weakens the impact of punches
-Boxing gloves act like a shock absorber

-The disadvantages of the gloves are that it gets slowed down by air resistance and friction whereas a fist would not be slowed down by much
-Depending on the situation, gloves do less impact damage, as it spreads out the impact
-As the glove is an attachment, it gives you more mass to thrust at the opponent, meaning you have to put more energy and acceleration.
Overall, the advantages of boxing gloves are much more superior than the disadvantages as they provide protection, and as you all know, safety is number one priority.

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