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The European Union

No description

Emma Chandler

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of The European Union

LO1: To be able to state & describe what the EU is.
LO2: To be able to explain & evaluate
the advantages & disadvantages of membership of the EU. The European Union Starter What links these images? What is the EU?
It is a group (Union) of countries
in Europe that work together
toward joint economic &
social goals for their citizens.

There are 27 member countries,
including the UK,
France & Germany. Plenary for LO1 At the end of this unit, you will understand what the EU is, how it works and how it can affect you as a citizen of the UK. You can find out more about this and other exam topics in the course
text book "Citizenship Today".

During this lesson you will need to make notes that help you answer
questions such as:

"What is the EU?"
"Explain how membership of the EU benefits the UK" The European Union
Help Use your traffic lights to
show where you are with your
learning. Use the print out from 'Let's Explore Europe' to create a 'text map' for the EU topic.

Once complete, transfer the notes into your exercise book under 'State', 'Describe' & 'Explain'.

You will need coloured pens or pencils. State one feature of the EU.

Describe one of the roles of the EU towards its citizens.

Explain why you think the UK should remain or not remain in the EU. Video 1: What is the EU?

Video 2: How does the EU work? Write it
down! Try to link each of the topics as we go through Plenary for LO2 In your opinion, what are the pros & cons of remaining in the EU. Context check You will need to be able to talk about the EU
in the context of Citizenship.
Rights & Responsibilties
The rule of Law Exam Practice State one right every citizen has [1]

Describe one way in which the European Union helps citizens in the UK. [4]

"The EU protects Human Rights"
To what extent do you agree with
this statement? [12] The European Union protects the
of member countries in:

Law Case Study A school boy wanted to wear shorts to school during the hot weather.
The school's dress code didn't allow him to so he wore a dress instead.
He was excluded for two days.
The EU stepped in to help him through the
European Court of Human Rights.
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