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Melissa Boatwright - My Career in Prezi

This Prezi chronicles my career sharing photos and videos along the way. It may need a few minutes to load all the elements.

Melissa Boatwright

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Melissa Boatwright - My Career in Prezi

Melissa Boatwright
This Prezi is a chronological depiction of the experiences that have made me the professional I am today. It will walk you through cities where I've lived & worked, indicated by brackets, along with some commentary about my experiences at each location.

For those of you more curious about my path thus far, the location markers highlight places I've traveled for work and fun. A few will even include photos from my adventures. Simply click on the location markers to check out the photos.

Accomplished internal communicator
Award-winning journalist
Experienced public relations professional
Military veteran
Complex environments - technology, sales, intellectual property, science & legal
M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications
Top Secret Security Clearance
Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Thomson Reuters
In my time at Thomson Reuters, I've very proud that I have turned a tactical support position to a trusted strategic partnership with executives - building trust and transparent communications between executives and the 5,000+ employees in 90 locations, 27 countries, speaking 20 languages. Because of my efforts, I was quickly promoted to lead the Internal Communications function.

During my time in Philadelphia, I also began supporting two veteran organization that have grown to be very important to me. The first is Team Red, White and Blue which helps connects veterans with their communities through physical and social activities. This group inspired me to finish my first marathon in Philadelphia. The second is Save a Warrior which provides programs for veterans who are at high risk for suicide.

I've also began speaking publically about leadership and communications. I am slated to speak at the 2015 International Association of Business Communicators World Conference in San Francisco in June.

Montgomery, Alabama
In 2007, I was honorably discharged from active duty Air Force and transferred to the Air Force Reserves.

I attended the Integrated Marketing Communications Program at West Virginia University. I graduated in 2009, Summa Cum Laude.
Melissa Boatwright - My career in Prezi
Douglas, Wyoming
I started my career in communications at 15 years old as a radio DJ for KKTY Radio, a country music station.

Douglas was a place where paved streets gave way to gravel roads, and boys rode tractors, not subways; the town was a place where calluses - not education - were the measure of men, and a job at the railroad, uranium mine or oil field secured a comfortable life. It was a place where opportunities were chiseled out of circumstance.

When I graduated high school, I attended Casper College as a theatre scholarship student. I spent the next two years acting, back-staging, and singing my way to a communications degree, but what I really wanted to be was a television reporter. So I joined the Air Force to pursue that dream.
San Antonio, Texas
On December 29, 1997, I flew to Air Force Basic Training in San Antonio, Texas. Days later would be the first of many New Year's Eves that would not be celebrated with toasts or loved ones. It was not an easy transition. In our first three days, they allowed us to call home to share our address with our parents. When my mom answered the phone, I didn't even get one word out before I started crying. I eventually whimpered out my address, told my parents I loved them, and that I was okay, though I'm sure that was difficult to believe when accompanied by sobs.

Once I began to understand the rules and reasons behind the structure, I found that I thrived in an environment with predictability, accountability and clarity. Even today, these are key themes I try to bring into my work environments especially given the change cycle of corporations today. The military also taught me that in the absence of these three elements, preparation, level-headedness, and teamwork are good substitutes.
Fort Meade, Maryland
I spent 12 weeks at the Defense Information School for the Basic Broadcaster Course to learn how to become a military television journalist. I graduated at the top of my class of Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers.

I have been back to Ft. Meade three additional times to attend Advanced Electronic Journalism, Broadcast Manager's Course and Public Affairs Officer Qualifying Course. The last of which I was a honored as a Distinguished Graduate.
Bitburg, Germany
My first assignment in the Air Force was Spangdahlem Air Base in southwestern Germany.

An average workday for me was hosting a 3-hour morning radio show; programming four television channels with automated commercial schedules; voicing, editing & producing radio and television commercials; editing a television news report; and going out of a shoot to cover a story. I was in heaven.

It my first taste of a life undreamt - an amazing, exciting and challenging job, and adventures around every corner,
Pyongtaek, South Korea
In 2000, I spent my first year in South Korea continuing to build on my radio and television story-telling skills for an internal audience. Osan Air Base was one of the largest military bases in South Korea with thousands of active duty military members and their families living and working on the base. American Forces Network (AFN) Korea was their only source of American news and information at the time.

While I had already been living abroad for more than two years, the Asian culture was remarkable different from the European culture I had grown accustomed to and the year was spent learning professionally, personally, and culturally.
I was the lead reporter/producer for the Air Force News Agency in the National Capitol Region. I covered the Air Force Television News mid-Atlantic news beat (New York City to North Carolina), including events at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and Arlington National Cemetery. While at the Pentagon, I was recognized as one of the best broadcasters in the Air Force. It was a thrilling assignment for me, and one that I consider to be a turning point in my career.

I was also helped launch The Pentagon Channel, the Department of Defense's first 24-hour military news network. I hosted live and pre-recorded news segments viewed worldwide, potential audience of 2.6 million viewers.
Arlington, Virginia
Las Vegas, Nevada
In Vegas, not only did I expand my skills set as a videographer by producing more long-format pieces, I also worked as a wedding videographer in the wedding capital of the United States. Oh the amazing weddings I experienced!

September 11, 2001 also occurred while I was in Las Vegas. All the Las Vegas strip performers hosted a fundraising concert for troops and their families. I worked with Wayne Newton, Lance Burton, Carrot Top and Jessica Simpson to cover the event for the Air Force.
While I was in Washington D.C., the Air Force suffered its first casualties of combat operations in Iraq. My supervisor, an Air Force Photographer, asked me to document the event in his place. It was a somber and humbling experience.
Click the image to view one of my stories
Click the image to view one of my stories
Baghdad, Iraq
In Iraq, I produced television and radio news stories highlighting the missions of coalition forces in Iraq. While covering various locations supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom for The Pentagon Channel and AFN Iraq, I helped increased distribution by 66% by increasing our news program from 3 days a week to 5 days a week. I out-produced all other military reporters in the country during my time there.

I also made lifelong friends who, thanks to social media, I am still able to easily stay in touch with them and help celebrate their accomplishments.
As the News Director and Assignments Editor for AFN Kunsan, I coordinated coverage of events for nearly 3,000 active duty Airmen, highlighting training, missions and humanitarian efforts of military service members stationed in South Korea. Our stories supported the AFN Korea regional newscast, viewed by 60,000 American service members and their families. Additionally, I continued to shoot, edit, script, narrate and produce television and radio products.

While I was there, our team quadrupled our story exposure around the peninsula and became model station for six affiliates after revising distribution process in the county.
Gunsan City, South Korea
Morgantown, West Virginia
Torrington, Wyoming
During my transition, I was the News & Marketing Director, KGOS/KERM Radio in Torrington. Where I developed news and online marketing initiatives for rural-market radio station.

While there, I built the stations first website, www.kgoskerm.com, which included Listen Live functionality that quickly became a popular feature to the site. It allowed developed service members from the area to hear local news, play by play of their children's football games, and messages from loved ones at home. The website received an Wyoming Association of Broadcaster award.

Before the website, I created a Facebook page for the station. It was the first Facebook business page in the community. It became the go-to source for emergency announcements and breaking news and started a Facebook business page revolution in the town. I also created a new news program which aired five-minute local newscasts three times a day. The website and news program increased advertising revenue by 45 percent.
I would return to Vegas more than 10 years later to get married.
Charleston, South Carolina
In 2009, I was selected to become a Public Affairs Officer. I spent three months in Officer Training School in Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama where I was the Honor Graduate.
As a Public Affairs Officer, I lead as many as 150 combat visual communicators in worldwide operations for the Air Force’s largest combat documentary unit. I've seem them bring home countless Department of Defense and Air Force awards. It has truly been an amazing turn in my career to lead such talented visual story-tellers.
Click the image to watch one of my stories
While I was at Kunsan, an F-16 crashed into the Yellow Sea. I spent a week onboard a U.S. Navy ship with the recovery teams chronicling the process of recovering the wreckage.
Watch the stories
When my then boyfriend returned from Afghanistan, I relocated to be closer to him in South Carolina. While there, I managed a team responsible for marketing content, media relations, communication strategies, and counsel to partners of Motley Rice LLC, a large international plaintiffs law firm (www.motleyrice.com).

I cultivated media relationships that lead to coverage in
The Wall Street Journal
and on the BBC in England for BP oil spill clients. That coverage was a catalyst of changes to compensation fund protocol, increasing transparency & compensation for clients, which was a key concern as those applying for compensation were not receiving any feedback during the claims process. Our efforts were recognized with a first place in the 2012 Legal Marketing Association Your Honor Awards for Media Relations.

I also began to learn more about search engine optimization strategies and tactics and within eight months of implementing a new strategy, our website's traffic increased five fold. Unique monthly visitors went from 10,000 to 60,000 as a result of new organic SEO, PPCs, social media, and web video tactics.

I also developed models and checklists that allowed us to quickly respond catastrophic incidents where the first 72 hours after an incident are the most crucial to securing clients. The new plans allowed us to have marketing material published and ready for use within 8 hours of an incident. These quickturn tactics were also awarded a Legal Marketing Association Your Honor Award.
Thanks for visiting. Contact me or learn more on my website:
San Francisco, California
In July 2014, my husband graduated, and we moved to San Francisco. It has been a long-time goal of ours to live in the Bay area, and we are loving the weather, the sports, the people and the food.

Did I mention we love the food? (Although Philadelphia was also a great food town!)
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