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We are promoting IT by engaging student interest at a younge

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on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of We are promoting IT by engaging student interest at a younge

We are promoting IT by engaging student interest at a younger age through K-12 schools.
We are teaching IT by connecting college students with real world experience.
tech in classroom, apps/digital information resources and content
data/databases, cloud computing, tools (IM, video conferencing, screen sharing)
Monitors, patient info, 3D printing (bio-ink), robotics, genetics & genomics
How well person can use digital technology, communications tools and networks to get an analyze information, communicate with "others" and perform practical tasks
5,000 test-takers 16 - 64
Findings of a research study that analyzed data from an assessment of adult competencies that tests cognitive and workplace skills


35 hours on average on digital media weekly

Nearly 6 out of 10 can't perform basic tasks

Ninety-one percent (91%) consider lack of computer skills irrelevant to job prospects
Only 37% consider recent graduates well prepared for new technologies
Person ranked at lowest level earns nearly 40% less ($2,920) monthly than at highest level ($6,622)
Take away: The assumption that America's first generation of 'digital natives' are tech savvy is wrong.
70% perform at lowest levels, can't perform basic tasks
We are growing IT by partnering with professionals to provide life-long learning opportunities.
Build Your Own Computer
3D Printing
Version Control/Git/GitHub
Open Source 101: An Intro
Drupal 101 & 102
Command Line for Linux
Linux Admin 101
Routers and Home Networks (new)
User Groups
Economic Development
so what is IT-oLogy doing?
Next Generation IT Internships
IBM Academic Initiative
Campus Relations
University Job Fairs
Expanding Cyber Saturday programming to students in urban and rural locations throughout South Carolina.
"Making certain all employers in South Carolina have access to information and consultative services, at no charge, regarding sponsorship of a demand-driven registered apprenticeship program."
BlueCross BlueShield SC has registered 213 apprentices in IT (recognized by DOL as the national leader in IT).
IT-oLogy will run the workshops to share the process and facilitate all SC companies with IT apprenticeships.
Developing and pilot testing 12-week learning modules for middle and high school students.
Professional IT Development
IT-oLogy has partnered with leading cloud-based learning provider, Skillsoft, to provide online courses, videos, and books for IT professional development.
"The goal of ECEP is to have a significant impact on improving and broadening participation in computing education state by state. Increasing the number of computing and computing-intensive degree graduates, and the diversity of those graduates, requires systemic change to educational pathways."
An 18 hour Minor in Applied Computing, now available at 9 schools statewide.

University of South Carolina
Benedict College
Midlands Technical College
Columbia College
Anderson University
Claflin College
Converse College
Charleston Southern University
Williamsburg Technical College
To enable every student, regardless of major, an opportunity to gain basic technology skills.
To increase the number of students pursuing Information Technology related majors.
Thousands of South Carolina students now pursing technology courses and the minor in Applied Computing.
Enrollment in IT related majors increasing.
A competitive advantage for South Carolina.
Year one: $400,000 + private match
Year two: $400,000 + private match
Year three: $200,000 + private match
Funding primarily used for expansion coordination, marketing and facilitation.
Help Us Help You
Continued Support for Coursepower/Applied Computing Minor
Support for IT-oLogy
Case research, data retrieval/preservation, everyday tools (PDF Expert), law itself
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