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Native Canadians The Beothuk

No description

Jaskiran Bhullar

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Native Canadians The Beothuk

Native Canadians The Beothuk
By: Jaskiran
The Beothuk
The Beothuk were a Native Canadians tribe. Who now are extinct.
They were referred as the red indians for painting their bodies red.They spoke a Unique language that is related to the Algonquin tribe named Beothukan. Also, the Beothuk did not trade usually because they believed that they have what they needed.
Basic needs
The Beothuk had 3 Basic needs and they were food,clothes,and home. The Beothuk ate caribou,seals,salmon,bird eggs,birds,and all berries. The women and girls wore skirts with wraparound mantles. Men and boys wore breechcloth and leggings. The Beothuk clothes also included mittens & moccasins.For warmth they wore poncho type cloaks.Women carried their babies in thier hoods.The Beothuk lived in wigwams,tipis made from red orchre and a manateek - poles tied at the top into a circle.
Tribal life
The Beothuk men did the hunting for their family. They go out to the other tribes and trade but very little. The men also followed the Algonquin tribe. Women cooked food for family. The women also harvest the food.And also do mostly what the Algonquin do. The children mostly follow their parents,but they also do arts and crafts like make toys. The decision making is run by Men of the family. The men get together to make decisions and pane in ceremonies.
The environment
Sports and Leisure
The Beothuk children played some games too! They played running games. Played with dolls. The Beothuk children also did arts and crafts like make toys,make necklaces,beed work,make pictures from shells,and make baskets.
Tools and technology
The tools that were used are spears,knifes,harpoons,and bow & arrows. Spears were used for fishing. Bow & arrows were used for killing or hunting animals. Witch were made from bones,wood,or stone. The Beothuk used caneous on water and snowshoes, or walking on land.
The Beothuk believed in myths. To worship the sun and the moon. They also believed in Black man,Red indian devil,and Powerful man. They also believed every object was treated with respect and practiced religion. The Beothuk had lots of ceremonies like wear red,rules for a hunt,and preparation before a hunt so animals will be treated with respect.
Interesting Facts
The Beothuk were first found in Newfoundland and then St. Johns. The animals that were around are caribou,salmon,deer,moose,birds,seals ,and fish. The plants are grass,trees,red orchre,birch,and bushes. They got their water from near by lakes and rivers.
The Beothuk were also killed by europeans or european
diseases. They spoke a bit of Algonquin too! No other tribe practices their religion expect the Beothuk. The Beothuk also met the europeans only 1,000 Beothuks. The last known Beothuk died in St.Johns. They were known as the red indians for painting their bodies red.The Beothuks had the most animals than any other tribe.Beothuk means people or great people in English. Some escapesed to the Mic mac or Innu tribe.
The beothuk
The Beothuk was a great experience for me to research about and it was fun too! I bet everyone who did this tribe had a great time too. Even if this tribe is a extinct tribe it was a good experience.
Shawnadithit : Last of the
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