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AS MEDIA lesson 3 intro to editing & sound

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louisa cunningham

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of AS MEDIA lesson 3 intro to editing & sound

to reflect on the sub-elements of editing as a technical element
to analyse how cutting techniques create a narrative structure in TV dramas
to complete a short timed writing activity
It's all in the numbers
Look at the numbers below and arrange yourself into groups divided by number:
An Intro to SOUND
An Intro to Editing
1. watch the montage clip from Misfits and list all of the different features of editing that you see

2. feedback your ideas to the class
the sub-elements of editing include:
special effects
Analysis of editing in Sherlock
You are going to watch 2 clips from Sherlock (both can be found on the TV drama blog).

In both clips the editing is important as it tells us about the characters and developments in the plot.

1 Watch clip 1 and make notes on handout 1
2. watch clip 2 and make notes on handout 2
3. compare your answers with the answer sheet handout
task: Group writing activity
write an answer that focuses ONLY ON YOUR SUB-ELEMENT OF EDITING to the question:
What does the editing reveal about the character of Sherlock Holmes?
you will hand in your group response to the teacher, who will photocopy all of your responses so that you have an essay answer
Why is editing important when analysing TV drama
Editing is important because it can...
1. take us to and from
different locations
2. create tension by
changing pace
3. influence us to like / dislike certain characters by the amount of
screen time
given to each character
manipulate the time
experienced by the characters, viewers and show us different things happening simultaneously in different places
5. offer us
about characters or the
plot development
As a group you will be assigned a sub element from editing
you can re- watch the clip, refer to your notes and definition handout to help you
Some frequently used editing techniques
before we can analyse how editing is used in TV drama to create meaning, it is useful to identify what some of the different editing techniques look like and why they are used
watch each of the clips and write an explanation of
what you see
what the effect is
for each one
match cuts
motivated cut
jump cut
cross cut &
eyeline match cut
cut away
fade in / fade out
cross dissolve
time lapse / sped up motion
split screen
slow motion
we are going to watch a clip from Spooks WITHOUT the sound.
1. as you watch the clip, write down all the different sounds you think that you would hear
2. once you have watched the clip, compare your answers with your partner
3. you will then feedback your response to the class
part 1
part 2
1. we are now going to watch the same clip WITH the sound
part 3
using the handout, look at your notes for the above task and organise the different sounds into the relevant column - diagetic, non-diagetic or dialogue
2. using a different colour pen, write down any additional sounds that you hear and haven't already identified, onto your handout
3. be prepared to feedback your response to the class
Soundscapes - terminology and sound devices
However, there are some specific terms and sound devices used when recording sound for moving image texts.
We have just learned some specific terms to use when discussing and analysing the use of sound in moving image.
task: Quick Research Activity
It is important to be aware of these before we can look for them in our analysis of TV dramas
Analysis of SOUND in Bleak House
We are going to analyse the use of sound in a clip from the period drama Bleak House
1. watch the clip , making notes on the handout afterwards
2. we will feedback your answers to the class
3. we will watch the clip again, this time make notes as you watch adding anything that you didn't notice in the first screening.
And now it's time for...
to analyse how the use of different editing features construct meaning in Sherlock
graphics / subtitles
Cutting and Narrative Structures
You are going to be given an envelope with frames taken from a clip of the TV Drama Sherlock

1. look at the individual frames
2. organise the frames into a sequence that you think creates a meaningful story
3. when you are happy with the order of your sequence, stick the frames down on paper
4. annotate the sequence, stating which editing technique is used to connect each frame and the narrative structure
5. present your sequence back to the class
In groups, complete the following:
now...let's watch the real thing...how close to the actual sequence did you get?
Editing is essential in constructing meaning because
the use of editing techniques helps to structure a programme's narrative
, therefore
affecting the way we experience what is on screen
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