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Roderigo (character analysis)

No description

simon brazzou

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Roderigo (character analysis)

By Jason, Alex, Simon & Chris Roderigo Who is Roderigo?
Roderigo is a young and wealthy man. He is in love with Desdemona, but is jealous of Desdemonas companion othello. Roderigo is convinced by his foolishness that if he gives Iago money, together they will be able to win Desdemona for Roderigo. Angry with the failure to conquir Desdemona, Roderigo decides to help Iago with killing Cassio once Iago tells him that Cassio is getting in the way of Roderigo and Desdemona hooking up. Personality Weak and easily manipulated
Very determined, but does not trust what he sees
Trust people too easily (blind trust)
No confidence End Got stabed

Got betrayed

Loose all his money

Loose reputation Affects Lose his money to Iago, who's doing nothing for him

Make himself look like a fool at the end

made enemy for no reason What went wrong? Blindly believing Iago

Believes that money can buy someones love, then let someone do it for him Roderigo, a sucker Walking atm machine for Iago Desdemona shows no sign that she has the slightest interest in Roderigo Symbols, themes and connections Danger of isolation Act 1 -The scene starts off with Roderigo and Iago arguing.
-Roderigo has been paying Iago to help him with his pursuit with Desdemona.
-Roderigo has just learned that Othello has married Desdemona, but Iago assures him that he hates Othello and that he will continue helping him.
-Iago and Roderigo plot against Othello By telling Brabantio his daughter has been manipulated with magic. Act 2 Act 4 Roderigo is still furious that he is still frustrated in his love

he is ready to make himself known in his suit to Desdemona so that she might returns all of the jewels

Iago was supposed to give them to her fr him

Iago tells Roderigo that Cassio is being assigned to Othello's place

Iago is also lying as usual to Roderigo and convinced him that he has to to knock out Cassio's - Roderigo and three other Cypriots, all drunk join Iago and Cassio. Later during the night they fought and Iago orders him to leave and cry a mutiny.
- Roderigo is upset and angry because Iago is taking all his money, and the plan that they planned isn't working lately and he wants to go back to Venice. -Roderigo never speaks directly to Othello, he always finds someone to deliver his messages
- He seems attatched to no one except Iago
-Self Isolation leads to his death sources http://gsearch.sparknotes.com/search?q=othello&template=default&output=xml_no_dtd&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&client=default_frontend&proxystylesheet=default_frontend&site=default_collection
http://www.shmoop.com/othello/roderigo.html Act 5 Rodirigo and Iago started their plan in murdering Cassio and Othello
Rodirigo wounded Cassio, but failed to kill him
Iago had to kill Rodirigo to cover his plans Change in character Rodirigo does not change much throughout the play
until the last scene, he found out that Iago was using him the whole time
changed into a man who stands up to himself
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