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d d d d d d d d d d d

No description

my name is someone

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of d d d d d d d d d d d

DIET The snow laopard can kill a prey three times its size.
The snow leopard hunts mostly on wild goat and sheep.
The two big animals that it hunts are called the blue sheep
and the bharal. FUN FACTS Did you know that when a
SNOW LEOPARD hunts it hunts by its self there is no name for a SNOW LEOPARD PACK.So its like a lone wolf. THE SNOW LEOPARD
(UNICA UNICIA) INTRODUCTION The snow leopard is a wonder full
animal.It is fast,big and
very strong.But if yu want to see
these fantastic animals.Your
going to save them because they
endangerd.Their are very few
snow leopard left so help these
beutiful animal save them they
are ENDANGERD!!!!! WHY ARE THEY ENDANGERD Snow leopards are endangerd
because in asia big cat organs,bones and
skin is used in medicen.Mostly they use
tigers but in asia it is very hard to find a tiger in
the wild so they use a snow leopard that is easy to
find as a subtatution.Humans have pushed the live
stock futher in its habitat.Humans are also
damaging there area like the mountain grasslands.
Most people sell snow leopard for money.People sell them dead and live.they get $300 if dead they get
$200.And the middle man gets $10,000 How kids can
help the
snow lepards HABITATS The snow leopard lives in 12 differnt countries such:

INDIA REPRODUCTION The mating season is around January and mid-
March.the female snow leopard is pregnant in the spring for around 93-110 days.And the baby's are born around june or July.When the snow leopard cubs are born the male is no longer with them.But it is very diffecult to feed the cubs because there is less food where the snow leopards live PHYSICAL FEATURES The Snow Leopard has fur on its belly that can grow up 12cm long so they can be warm in their cold habitat.The SNOW LEOPARD has whitesh yellowish fur with grey and black spots to camoflauge in the rocky mountains.The Snow Leopard(UNICIA UNICIA)has big paws to help them them to walk on snow.A female snow leopard can weight about 35-50kg,stands up to 60cm or seven times a house cat /one eighth the weight of a tiger.A male snow leopard is 30% larger than a female but you can't tell the diffrence.The snow leopard has short forlimbs and tall backlimbs for extreem speed when catching a prey.The snow leopard can jump up to 3feet (6 times its body),they also have strong chest muscels.they also have powerful lungs and a large chest capacity,so they have enough oxegen in their lungs so they can breath in the thick mountain air Fun facts Did you know that a snow
leopard has a tail that is 40
feet long that is almost
the size of their body.they use
it to balance its self and rest,
like how we use our arm SCENTIFIC
SPECIES:UNICIA UNICIA kids can help the snow leopard by adopting
and transfering it to the toronto zoo or any
other zoo.You can also help by becoming and
joinig the snow leopard trust.And maybe you
ask the teacher and form a club.
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