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Stuff about smallpox

Mckenzie Morrow

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Smallpox

Symptoms Caused by the Variola virus, Smallpox disease is usually contracted through inhaling the virus and causes skin eruptions called papules (elevated bumps) and pustules (bumps containing fluid). An infected person is only contagious AFTER the skin eruptions have started. The disease usually runs a course of two weeks, punctuated by high fever both prior to and during the skin eruptions. Early symptoms often resemble the flu. What is smallpox? O.o - kills large amounts of macrophages
- reproduces through the macrophages
- disables the first response (inflammation)
- binds to the interferon and prevents it from calling the defenses of the immune system How does it affect the Immune System? What about the vaccination? Smallpox vaccine is made from a living virus called "vaccinia."
The needle is pricked into the skin a number of times in a few seconds (usually in the upper arm).The pricking is not deep, but will cause one or two small drops of blood to form. How Smallpox affects the Endocrine and nervous systems One symptom of this disease includes a high fever, which is a direct result of your endocrine system working with your nervous system.
The Hypothalamus in your brain controls your body's homeostasis, which includes your internal temperature.
Your perpetuity (an endocrine gland) secretes signals that are sent to your Hypothalamus via nerve signals to tell it to turn up your temperature. The perpetuity is the endocrine side of the reaction and the hypothalamus and nerve signals is the nervous system side. •Backache
•Excessive bleeding
•High fever
•Raised pink rash
•Severe headache
•Vomiting By Cora, Ashleigh ,
Mckenzie Smallpox
Island - Ordinary (90% of cases)
- Modified (vaccinated people)
- Hemorrhagic (starts suddenly; bruising)
- Malignant (starts slower; flat rash)

(Variola minor is a much milder form of the disease that is also known as cotton pox.) Types of Smallpox from Virola Major.. How does the vaccination work? It works just like any other vaccination. The vaccination is used to trick your immune system into thinking you have the disease. Should you ever get the disease your B-cells will react faster to it and have a defense against the disease. What happened with the smallpox? Smallpox had been around for centuries, with evidence even in egyptian mummies.
Significant outbreaks - In 1967 the smallpox epidemic that affected around 15 million people killed around 2 million of its victims. The last case of naturally occurring smallpox was in 1977 by a unvaccinated hospital cook. 1980 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared smallpox eradicated with the only reminisce of the disease in two laboratories, one in the U.S. another in Russia. Works Cited (: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2009-05-12/health/28178827_1_smallpox-virus-immune-system-inflammation
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