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Main Conference Presentation v1.3


howard Blanchard

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Main Conference Presentation v1.3

Internal Audit
Current resources?
Put together your project team - 360 view
What is business requirement?
Opportunity costs?
Howard Blanchard
Group Head of eCRM
and Anti-cooking Activist
No investment for 4 years
Limited management of platform
Slow subscription growth
Low engagement rates
No strategy - Broadcast
Poor integration
Manual data management

Time for a change
Improved efficiency?
Will we lose subscribers?
Our audit shows it.
We get it.
What could go wrong?
Downtime. Support. Strategic Reviews. Advice.
Info-overload. State deadline -challenging, but realistic.
Limit time for pitches
Do them all in one day
90min max: 50/50 for pitch & questions.
Project team attendance. Leave discussion time inbetween.
Challenge and question claims
Refer to ITT . Get technical. Get financial. Listen. Take scores
Host a discussion on best/worst elements of proposal vs. pitches.
Reconvene Project Team
Reduced bounces and unsubs
Quicker, user-built newsletters
What happens next?
Immediate reduction in waste & data damage through better integration
Handed over to internal owners using CMS system to drop their own content in to templates.
Reduced costs
Saving £000's a year - improved metrics.
Distributed content management.
Advice on further improvements.
Aim for realistic launch date after agreement
Other positive outcomes
Demonstrated the system to several other territories.
Costs assumed by JE-UK.
Set-up a good answerphone /
Out-Of-Office reply and wait...
Find resources online
Industry trade sites. Blogs. Forums. Supplier sites. White papers.
Go to trade shows
Talk with stall holders. Know your numbers.
Knowledge bases
Fluffy? Technical?
Level of integration
Database requirements? Web analytics? Transactional? Event-based? Dynamic-content?
Service Level Agreements
How technical are you, your team and your organisation?
Try to limit to 3 pitches or go back and review proposals.
Can we rely on process?
Effect on other channels?
What's next
for email?
Explore The Market
Selecting the right
CRM Platform Provider

Internal resource availability?
How will transition affect normal service?
How flexible are both teams?
Transition plan
Add-ons and modules rapidly drive up costs.
Be sure to compare EVERYTHING! (Not just price - service/care levels. Support.Training)
Look for the RIGHT deal.
Database requirements? Web analytics? Transactional? Event-based? Dynamic-content?
Closest to your requirements
You should be the Winner
: Get personal.
You commit to an important relationship with a 3rd party. Introduce your account teams if possible.
Use numbered sub-sections
Be specific
Include supporting docs.
Quick-score sheet for ref.
Make yourself available for supplier calls & questions until you have all the proposals back.
Good luck!
The tough part.

Project management
What does now/next/long mean?

Invite To Pitch
Cut down the field
8 invitees, 6 responses. 1 failed to reply! 3 pitched.
Suppliers selection
Internal resources (IT Dept). Networking. Colleagues.
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