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Loneliness: The Double-Edged Sword

The Root to Psychosocial and Psychological Disorders

Shannon Rindahl

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Loneliness: The Double-Edged Sword

Loneliness: The Double-Edged Sword The Root of Psychosocial and Psychological Disorders Loneliness Lack of Self-Esteem Self-Alienation Isolation Lack of Intimate Loved One Loneliness can cause many people to try to fill the emptiness and void they feel. What people do when they begin
to feel that unwanted loneliness? Unhealthy, psychologically damaging
or addictive behaviors to fill the void
of and avoid loneliness Isolation Disconnection The
Sword Illegal Substance Abuse Alcoholic Drinking Eating Disorders Loneliness can be the cause and the
effect of all these behaviors, making
loneliness the Double-Edged Sword Checkpoint An individual may be
exhibiting loneliness by: b.) Staying inside on the computer or
playing video games at home True or False: In 2010, 75 percent of all
Americans were lonely and unhappy. b.) False, 50 percent of all Americans
were lonely and unhappy Helps cure social anxiety but it is not who you are Become emotionally unstable after a while Alcohol is better known as liquid courage because is lowers inhibitions Alcoholics have low impulse control Poor self presentation They are striving for perfection and control They are usually people pleasers Dichotomous thinking Very hypersensitive Impulsive Checkpoint Which of the following would be an example of a double-edged sword in terms of loneliness? d.) Eating in order to fill the aching
need inside 9.True or False: An alcoholic usually has low impulse control. a.)True Psychosocial and Psychological Disorders
and Loneliness Psychological
Disorders Social Anxiety Disorder Depression Bi-Polar Disorder Uneasy Panic Attacks Socially inept; uable to blend in a social setting All of this causes extreme loneliness Loss of interest of pleasure in hobbies Feelings of pessimism, guilt and worthlessness One feels isolated, distanced from others Feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps The feeling like no one understands them The instability makes friendship and relationship with others difficult Most bi-polar people have extreme high and low symptoms Loneliness lives in many of us, but it breeds in those with addiction and mental health disorders Checkpoint Which of the following is a Psychosocial or Psychological disorder that may result in loneliness? What would be an example
of a co-occurring disorder? Which of the following is NOT a
potential effect of self-alienation? a.) Social Anxiety Disorder a.) An alcoholic with bipolar disorder d.) Developing bipolar disorder How to Cure Loneliness 12 Step Groups Recovery from addicitions, compulsion,
and other behavioral problems Helps one maintain a spiritual fitness and an abstinence from addictions Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Emphasis on understanding the cause of loneliness Exploring ways to help the patient overcome loneliness Pet Therapy Provide companionship enhance independence Act as stabilizers Checkpoint Which of the following would be a productive
way of coping with loneliness? Which of the following is a type of therapy used to cure loneliness and other psychological disorders? What is one of the sayings
of a 12 Step Program? c.) Engaging in group therapy a.) All of the above c.) “We will love you until you can love yourself” Arousal Appeal Authority Empathy Imagery and loaded words Repetition Reciprocity Persuasion Techniques Is loneliness a double-edged sword? What are your thoughts? Why do you think people are more lonely than before? Do you think people are uncomfortable talking about loneliness? If so, In our textbook, it states that an individual can become lonely and depressed due to their negative thoughts, however their loneliness and depression subsequently generates more negativity. Thus, which would be the best way of overcoming loneliness: thinking positively or acting positively? Studies have shown that loneliness has been increasing in recent generations. why? Thank you! Group Therapy Intrapersonal Psychoanalysis Meeting new people who are experiencing similar problems See from a different perspective Gain insight to your own feelings as a result of others experiences Used in order to focus primarily on the main symptoms of loneliness Therapist helps the client gain some functionality in order to overcome the loneliness.
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