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Did Anne Frank exist?

Do we have any proof that Anne Frank was real? Was she a fake? We need evidence in order to understand the so-called reality of her life. In this Prezi, we will explore and prove that Anne Fran existed. Can we?

Madina Abubakar

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Did Anne Frank exist?

Some Background Information
Are these Fakes?
Otto Frank's views on his own daughter... are they to be trusted?

By Madina Abubakar
& Wyshnetha Kangatharan
How do we know that Anne Frank existed?
Anne Frank lived in Nazi Germany during WWII
She was greatly oppressed because of her religion, which was Judaism.
She was a victim of the Holocaust.
Anne ran away to the Netherlands at the age of 12
She was given a diary at thirteen and named it Kitty. Dear Kitty...,
She hid in a secret annex and was discovered
Sent to a concentration camp
Died at fifteen, three days before her camp was released
The Nazi flag
Otto Frank and Miep Gies talk about Anne
Friends and family interviews
Otto Frank was Anne's father
Miep Gies was a dear family friend and worker who helped keep the Frank's secret
Her Diary
Although her diary is most well known as Kitty , there are several other names for it including Pop, Phien, Emmy, Marianne, Jetty, Loutje, Connie and Jackie.
It was discovered by her close family friend Miep Gies, who made it public and helped Otto Frank publish it. The diary was found in the attic after her death. Miep Gies stored it away in her drawer without opening it.
Inner Feelings of Miep Gies...false?
The diary was a red, checkered notebook
that Anne received for her thirteenth birthday.
Of course, as it was a diary, Anne frank confessed all her thoughts to it including her views about the Holocaust, her secret hiding place and what she felt about the situation she was in.
The diary is now published and available in many different languages, including English, and one of, maybe the most famous book about the Holocaust.
Anne Frank's diary
A page from Anne's diary
I would do anything for her, she is such a sweet girl, I do not care about myself, my top priority is helping others...
I really didn't know my daughter as much as I thought I did...
Is Video Footage fake as well?
Plus, all those photos,
are they drawings that
were photoshopped?
her signature
The Anne Frank Museum- Anne Frank House
Special artefacts stored there, including her diary
Hundreds queue up to see this special museum
It was originally the Secret Annexe.

If she didn't write the diary herself?
It really doesn't matter as this diary would have been the voice for millions of oppressed Jews
She would have felt this way
People who claim that there were fraudsters were those like the Nazis
The 'fraudsters' would have been those very close to her
The diary explains the events clearly even if the feelings weren't those of Anne Frank
If she had survived would she have been as famous as she is now?
We believe that if she was alive she wouldn't be as famous as she is now. She might not have wanted to publish the diary and no one would have discovered it.

Right now, people associate 'Anne Frank' with her diary and vice versa. People also instantly think that that's the poor young girl who died.

We don't think that it would be this way had she been alive.

Can we forgive them, those who caused the miseries to the Jews?
It is good to forgive and forget. However, these crimes are the most difficult to forget and no matter how hard we try we cannot forget them.

If peope truly regret, we can try to understand their morals by them explaining and though we may not agree with them, we must not revenge by showing the same amount of hatred.

But we have to stand strong in our own beliefs, and not let anyone intimade us or tease us about them, definitely not to the extent of the Holocaust.
Is it a good idea to have a day to remember the victims of the holocaust when the events took place 70 years ago?
How should we mark the seventieth anniversary of WW2 in 2015?
Some issues...
Many might argue that there is a lot wrong with the diary, and that nobody could prove anything written in this Prezi. There are many what ifs and we're going to try to solve those as well...
What if...
Thank you very much
and we hope you enjoyed
watching and listening!

Now you tell me...
Did Anne Frank exist or not?
And did she write her diary?
Of course we must remember those affected by war.

However, there are so many that we would have to use all the days in the year (and more!) to remember all of them!

We currently only use a minute to remember the soldiers that took part.

We believe that there should be a bank holiday that would help us remember!
We think WW2 should be remembered by a short speech from every/most countries stating their need for peace and honouring the soldiers that took part. Plus, a minute of silence throughout the whole world and a bank holiday would help us remember them from home.
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