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Hans Zimmer - Modern day Minimalist

No description

Rachael Noakes

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Hans Zimmer - Modern day Minimalist

A Modern day Minimalist
- Product of Avant-Garde
- Began in the early 1960's
- Branched out from art to music
- A 'rebirth' of Serialism
Hans Zimmer
- Scored over 100 films
- Simplified Rhythm, melody and harmonies
- Pirates of the Caribbean - 'Dead Man's Chest',
'At World's End' and 'On Strangers Tides'

Pirates of the Caribbean
-"I see dead people in boats" has a simplified
- Long melodic lines
- Pounding rhythm
The Lion King
- Subtle repetition and variation
- Simple melodies repeated on different
degrees of the scale
- http://musescore.com/user/15106/scores/65611#
Hans Zimmer and Minimalism
-Minimalism became the most popular
experimental music style in the late
20th Century
- Zimmer became the most sought after
film composer
Hans Zimmer
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