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John Brown (Ch 11)

No description

Jessica Abshire

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of John Brown (Ch 11)

John Brown's Last Days
Federal Arsenal Located at Harper's Ferry
Plan for the Raid
Government Response to the Raid
Plan for attack:
Capture the arsenal
Arm followers
Create a black state

John Brown thought a black state would attract rebellious slaves who would then form an army to face the proslavery supporters of the south.
Federal arsenal contained over 40,000 rifles with ammunition.
The conductor of the train sent a telegraph to notify government leaders.

Pres. Buchanan learned of the insurrection & called Robert E. Lee to take command of the forces in Harpers Ferry.

Troops stormed into Harper's Ferry but John Brown refused to surrender. Brown was captured in the engine house.
Monday, October 16, 1859
Vol XCIII, No. 311
John Brown: Martyr or Murderer?
The Raid on Harper's Ferry
A band of 19 men set out for Harpers Ferry to put their plan into operation.

First opposition was met on the covered bridge between VA & MD - a night watchman went to check on a noise & was captured & taken prisoner. The telegraph lines were cut.

By midnight, the armory was captured & village was quietly being patrolled by John Brown's men.

...When the men attempted to capture a second night watchman as he began his shift, the watchman escaped & the town awoke to a shot being fired. A mail train that arrived in Harper's Ferry was warned of possible sabotage by the nightwatchman, but John Brown insisted the train continue.
Mountaineer Memo
One week later at Charles Town, Brown was tried for murder, treason, & insurrection.

He was convicted & sentenced to by hanged. Brown's execution was carried out on December 2, 1859.
Abolitionist - 'help those in need'

"Border Ruffian" in Kansas Territory after the Kansas-Nebraska Act

Lead a raid on Harper's Ferry (WV)
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