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Biological Magnification

No description

casey davis

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Biological Magnification

Biological Magnification is almost always caused by man-made pollution such as pesticides and medications getting flushed out to sea and into rivers, lakes, and streams. The species that are affected
by Biological Magnification are
birds by DDT pesticide, fish by
Mercury chemicals, and polar
bears and humans by Mercury
because of eating the contaminated
fish Biological Magnification is the
increasing concentration of a
harmful substance in organisms
at higher trophic levels in a food
chain or food web What is it? Biological Magnification Casey Davis
Sophie Stoepker
Hailey Watkins Biological Magnification affects
the entire food web, although
top-level carnivores are at highest risk. In the diagram
to the left, the
red circles represent
the substances,
such as pesticides like
DDT, that are affecting
the food chain and those
apart of it. The problem it causes is that birds
eggs soften because the birds
eat the fish that have eaten the
algae which is infected by substances
such as mercury and DDT pesticides,
so when the birds sit on their eggs
to keep them warm, they break them
which kills the baby bird which has caused
a decrease in the population of bald eagles
and heron and other birds to occur This is a problem all over the world This has become a worldwide
problem because of farming
runoff, and contamination being
washed into streams and rivers which
then goes into the ocean and
eventually evaporates and spreads
everywhere This is being prevented by people
no longer dumping their medication,
and putting new restrictions on
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