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Misha Collins

No description

Rhayea Valera

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Misha Collins

An American Actor. Misha Collins Dmitri Trippens Krushnic Random facts about Misha Misha collins was born in Boston, Massachusetts,August 20,1974.
Raise in and around Greenville, Massachusetts. Soon later he legally changed his name from Dmitri Trippens Krushnic to Misha collins. Which came from his mother's ex-boyfriend. He is now married to his highschool sweetheart, Victoria Vantoch, and had 2 children together , West (age 2) and Maison ( 5 months). After getting through college being a carpenter. He studied in Social Theory at the University of Chicago.
Soon he earn a internship in the white house under President Clinton. He also worked for "National Public Radio" for 6 months. After working for the White House and NPR, he decide he did not want to be a politician. He went to the path of acting. His careers Misha runs GISHWES which is a world wide scavenger hunt. Here are some examples from 2011.
A woman wearing a dress (and only the dress) made entirely from bacon. (43 points)
A church choir singing “eye of the tiger” in a church. (32 points)
GISHWES also got itself in the Guinness Book of World records for being the Greatest international Scavenger hunt the world has ever seen. GISHWES shows He built his own house and most of the furniture. Spent time at a monastery in Nepal. He still Buddhist meditation and go for a 10 day retreat once a year. He refers his fans as "minions". When he renew his vows with his wife they both went in drag. He once got arrested because he went to read a book on top of a bank because he needed better lighting. These are some shows he appeared on :
Supernatural as Castiel
CSI: NY as Morton Brite
ER as Bret
Monk as Micheal Karapov
Without a trace as Chester Lake
Ringer as Dylan
and more.
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