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Flipped Mastery Learning and Habits of Mind

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Michelle Karpovich

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Flipped Mastery Learning and Habits of Mind

Michelle Karpovich
Chemistry Teacher
Western Albemarle High School
Crozet, VA

Twitter: @mkarpovich

Burning Question
Can I create an effective flipped class environment if students lack the appropriate "growth mindset"?
In case you haven't done so already, please complete the "pre-session work" by going to the following site and answering the question posed.
Who am I?
WAHS High School Chemistry Teacher since 1998
Teach all levels of Chemistry
Lifelong Learner
Implemented Flipped-Mastery Learning Environment in 1st Year Chemistry Classes in Fall 2012
James Madison University's High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year 2013
Charlottesville Business Innovation Council's (CBIC) Red Apple Award Winner 2014
Wife, Mother, Runner, Gardener

What frustrations do you experience with students in your flipped class learning environment? Join the conversation!

My Frustrations
Poor time management
Students using technology for distraction rather than engagement
Students not watching videos
Students refusing to do learning opportunities
Students practicing "Fixed Mindset" as opposed to "Growth Mindset"

Flipped Mastery Learning
Habits of Mind
The Key to Unlocking Success
for your Students

Thank you!
Setting the foundation for the appropriate "growth mindset" would allow for a more effective flipped classroom environment
What tools could I use to teach students to adopt a "growth mindset"?
Art Costa and Bena Kallick's 16 Habits of Mind
Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision
Managing impulsivity
Gathering data through all senses
Listening with understanding and empathy
Creating, imagining, innovating
Thinking flexibly
Responding with wonderment and awe
Thinking about thinking (metacognition)
Taking responsible risks
Striving for accuracy
Finding humor
Questioning and posing problems
Thinking interdependently
Applying past knowledge to new situations
Remaining open to continuous learning
Let's take a look at the skills you identified as those that students need to be effective learners.
Can you find any that align with Costa and Kallick's 16 HOM's?
HOM Instruction 101
HOM Instruction 102
Student Portfolios
Special Thanks
Laura Shifflett, ACPS Instructional Coach
Pam Moran, ACPS Superintendent
Karpovich Chemistry Students and Parents
My husband and kids!
Habits of Mind (@HabitsOfMindInt)


Karpovich HOM Instructional Resources
Now that you have been introduced to the HOM, please take a moment to reflect and share your thoughts on which HOM is most important to student success in your classroom. How might you incorporate this into your teaching next year?

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