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Cornell Green Offices Certification Process

No description

Erin Denise

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Cornell Green Offices Certification Process

Green Office Certification Program Goals
Recognize sustainable offices practices already in place
Share green practices between offices on campus
Support resource conservation in office spaces across campus
Support community well-being and engagement in office settings across campus that will promote all areas of sustainability
environmental awareness
economic development
social responsibility Green Office Certification Process 1. Application for Certification Interested Offices complete a Green Offices application.
- A Green Ambassador or person for contact is required

GOs Program Coordinators will maintain all records of the application including:
contact information
important dates
other demographics 2. Self Assessment Participants will gain access to a personalized Box File with the Green Offices checklists and resources

Participants will complete a self audit with information about office resources and current sustainability efforts in 4 areas: Energy, Waste, Purchasing, and Event Planning.

Program overview and Resources will be available online via the Cornell Sustainable Campus website

GO Program Coordinator(s) will visit or notify offices with recommendations (action plan) based on the results from the self assessment (i.e. offices that did not receive enough points for a certification) 3. Certification Offices will have 2 options based on the GOs self assessment.

1. Implementation of more actions from the assessment report to achieve the highest certification possible for their office.


2. Receive a certification based on current sustainable practices reported in the self assessment . Recognition GOs Program Coordinators will recognize all certified Green Offices on the Cornell Sustainable Campus website.

Images and text for department websites will be provided.

Plaques for lounges, main offices and/or bulletin boards will be provided to publicly recognize each office.

All results from the self assessment will be available online via the CSC website and/or Facebook for reference to other offices interested in participating in the program (to increase engagement) Re-certification Quarterly blog to create ongoing reporting using the Lucid Dashboard (building log widget), the Sustainable Campus Website, and/or college/department website (template will need to be created)

Annual assessment and awards party Resources Needed
Application & Self Assessment (with points)
Directions for self assessment
Resource Guide:
Efficient equipment purchasing
IT operations for computers and electronics
How to compost
How to recycle office supplies (batteries, plastic bags, ink cartridges, etc.)
Cornell Reuse Program
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