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Theory - 04-01 - Bourdieu (Habitus and Field)

No description

Lacy Mitchell

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Theory - 04-01 - Bourdieu (Habitus and Field)

04-01: Bourdieu (Habitus and Field)
Pop Quiz 8!!!!
Pierre Bourdieu
1930 – 2002
A poststructuralist
USA Military Rations:
Pork ribs
BBQ sauce
potato cheddar soup
blackberry jam and peanut butter
nut raisin mix
chewing gum
instant coffee
Australia Military Rations:
BBQ Beef
chicken italiano
tuna over dired tomato and basil
creamy chicken soup
two fruits diced in syrup
cheddar cheese
raspberry fruit grains
candy chocolates
fruit bar
apricot coconut bar
tropical fruit bar
sweet biscuit
cream biscuit
plum fruit spread
tea bags
sweetened condensed milk
instant coffee
salt and pepper
chewing gum
scouring sponge
lemon lime beverage powder
moist towelette
toilet paper
chocolate bar
tropical beverage powder
chocolate drink powder
Habitus = the mental or cognitive structures through which people deal with the social world.
Habitus = the culmination of our position in every social structure that we are a part of as well as all the knowledge, schemes of perception, mannerisms, and capabilities that come along with that. That is, it is our personal social or cultural capital.
Jay-Z says, "You can pay for school but you can't buy class."
Hysteresis = the condition that results from having a habitus that is not appropriate for the situation in which one lives.
Cafe Americano =
Sociological Habitus!
part of your complete breakfast...
Remember the camel needle example from Integrated Exchange theory lecture?
French president Charles de Gaulle kisses Argentine president Arturo Illia in 1964.
Free roses - they only cost 10 million Lira...
This happened to me in Rome.
Field = network of relations among the objective positions.
Field = an area of coordinate social practice in society
that operates
according to
a particular
The Economy
Economic capital = economic resources possessed by an actor (money and wealth).
Cultural capital = various kinds of legitimate knowledge possessed by an actor.
Social capital = the extent of the valued social relations possessed by an actor (or who you know).
Symbolic capital = the amount of honor and prestige possessed by an actor.
Symbolic violence = a soft form of violence (the agent against whom it is practiced is complicit in its practice) that is practiced indirectly, largely through cultural mechanisms.
Distinction - used in two different ways. you can be "distinction" you can also use cultural symbols to make yourself "distinct" from everyone else.
Precisely what makes this classy and not other "trashy" things? That is a sociological question.

Rules of Art
Writing Hierarchy

page 10



April Fools!
Canelo told me to April Fools you guys. I told him it would be rude and inappropriate and he assured me it was the right thing to do. Blame it on the dog.
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