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Ryan Loves Viruses

No description

Ryan McDowell

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Ryan Loves Viruses

Budapest San
Francisco Viruses Why Viruses are Created Financial Gain
Proof of Skill
Making a point Types of Viruses Worms
Trojan Horses
Armoured Worm Viruses Spread through E-mail
Slow down your Computer Trojan Horses They gain access to your computer by pretending yo be something their not.

They then infect your computer and can steel information Stealth Viruses They hide the changes they make to a computer
Displays an unaffected form of a documents Polymorphic Viruses thwarts anti-virus software
Constantly replicates itself Armored Viruses They fight anti-virus software instead of hiding
Protective firewalls
Confusing code Where Viruses Attack Boot sector
Macro language programs Boot Sector Replace Code
change text
Erase Boot Sector Files Spread from file to file

You can lose all your information Macro Language Programs Viruses attach themselves to programs
Server collapses
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