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Business plan

longbording sales

reid watkins

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Business plan

my skills and interests:
have lots of skills when it comes to longboarding
I like to talk a lot, very persuasive
I know how to deal with money and financial matters
strong computer skills
I know carpentry and have designed and built my very own longboards mission statement:
to run an efficient and profitable wholesale business for longboarders. We manufacture our own longboards with the right bite and stability to ride. These are some of the longboards that you can design usually from $149 to $300. It depends on what you are looking for (stability, balance, height) SECOND HAND DESIGNS HOMEMADE DESIGNS COMERCIALIZED what we do:
create designs as unique as the longboarders that we cater to
sell protective gear
repair broken equipment its 2000 square feet at 10 dollars per square foot which equals $20000 per month expected income i will be selling 30 longboards a day each longboard costs 149 dollars we are open 312 days a year therefore the company expects to make 1394540 before costs are done competition our competitors sell a range of boards but do not custom tailor them like we do our competitors work at 167 East 1st Street, Unit B (alley entrance) they make $134,000 and also have a staff of one we have a staff of six marketing we will market our product by creating a website for our viewiers that we can sell and customize their own boards. We will also target wide open hills with posters staffing plan there will be six people working for my company and there are also different roles they have first role will be cashregister nest the online account in the back of the stiore there will be a two carpenders and a proofer to make sure the flex and durilbity is ready to ride
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