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Southwest Airlines Customer Segmentation

No description

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Southwest Airlines Customer Segmentation

Southwest Airlines
Customer Segments

Created by:
Larry Arnold
Jennifer Baylis
Victoria Belisle
Andrew Mongomery
Tahesha Tealer
Lolisa Wasington
Niche Market Strategy
Southwest Airlines targets cost-conscious, no-frills travelers, looking for the best value for their dollar.

Marketing Strategy
Provide the lowest Air Fares, by Simplifying its Operating Cost
Cost Cutting Strategies
Uses One Type of Aircraft
No Reservation System
Focuses on Point-to-Point Short Haul Flights
No Meals Offered During Flights
No Reserved Seating
Quality Service
Even though Southwest Cuts Cost to Maintain their Low Fare Strategy, They do not Sacrifice Good Service
Because of the Customer Segmentation used by Southwest Airlines, We are "Free to Move About the Country"
Customer Benefits
Club membership program
Rapid Rewards
Two free baggage
Pay extra board early
Speedy Reservations and check in
Who are They?
Business men and women
Leisure families
Frequent flyers
Customer Segments
The different groups of people
or organizations an enterprise aims to reach and serve
Caters to 72 cities and 37
Senior discounts
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