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Technical Analysis

No description

Alejandro Bargallo

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Technical Analysis

How many?
Where is going to be made?
How is going to be produced?
What is the company capability?
Is this the best use of the resources?
Technical Study Elements
Project Size
Manufacturing Capacity vs Demand
Project Location
Manufacturing site based on supply chain
Project Engineering
Production Process
Feedback from Market research
Market size (volume demand)
Price range
Product key characteristics
Supply Chain plan
Resource planning
Basic questions to respond
Determination Facts
Market Size (Demand)
Financial Capacity
Resource Avaiability
People (Training)
Legal Regulations
Environment Impact
Relation between Capacity vs Demand
Private Investor
Capital Revenue (Profit)

Public Investor
Cost Reductions
Maximize Investment utilization
Capacity Types
Design Capacity
Equipment capacity
Production Balance
System Capacity
Product Mix
Real Production Capacity
Proccess Constrains
Selection Method
Weight factors method
Identify relevant factors
Establish a weight value based on its importance for each factor
Define a grade method
Each factor is graded for each location
Multiply the grade by the weight value and thhen summarize the overall result to get a weighted total value per option
Place Analysis
Preliminar Analysis
Space availability
Materials availability
Trained People
Infrastructure (Telecom)
Environmental Impact
Market demand
Legal restrictions/benefits
Detail Analysis
Cuantitative Measurements
Option Selection
Technical confirmation to manufacture the product
(Best unit cost $/unit)
Technical Analysis
Product design
Manufacturing process
Plant layout
Infrastructure (Services)
Supply Chain (material flow)
Raw Materials
Finish Goods
Material Handling
Value Stream Mapping
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