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Copy of Are the percentages of Colors In skittle’s bags Distributed

No description

Zack Carlson

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Are the percentages of Colors In skittle’s bags Distributed

Question- Are the percentages of colors in a 2.17 oz. bag of original Skittles evenly distributed?

Population Size- 5 bags of 2.17 ounce original Skittles

- Pour one 2.17 oz bag of Skittles onto a piece of solid white paper.
-Sort the Skittles by color
-Count the number of each color and record them
-Count the total number of Skittles in an individual bag
-Calculate the percents of each color
-Repeat steps 1-5 for the remaining 4 bags
-Eat all the skittles

Bag Four
Bag one
Skittles: Can You Taste the Rainbow?
Bag Two
Bag Three
Bag Five
Data Results
Shape: the graph is roughly symmetric

Outliers: there are no outliers

Center: 62

Spread:51- 67

Data Results- Continued
5-number summary:
Min- 51 Mean: 59.8
Q1- 52 σ: 6.62
Med- 62
Q3- 66.5
Max- 67

By Zachary Carlson, Curtis Fisher, Gabe D' Arco and Devan Ernst
Final Percentages
22.07 % of Total Skittles
22.2 average % per bag of skittles
22.41 % of Total Skittles
22.2 average % per bag of skittles
17.06 % of Total Skittles
16.94 average % per bag of skittles
20.74 % of Total Skittles
20.8 average % per bag of skittles
17.73 % of Total Skittles
18.6 average % per bag of skittles
I feel that if we had a larger sample population the percentages of all the colors would have been closer to 20% for each.
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