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Print checklist 2014

No description

Lucia Zemko

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Print checklist 2014

Print Checklist 2014
Step 1
Is a page relevant?
Step 2
Is a Tagline correct?
Step 3
Is there a Line List on a page?
Review an advert correctly
Step 4
Is there a Graphic line List on a page?
Check the comments for instructions
Check the version number
If it is version 1 all non compliant issues can be marked. If any other versions e.g. 2/3/4 any issues previously missed cannot be marked
Check the marketing activity is correct
Save the file to your documents in a folder for that day’s work
Check the dimensions declared on Ad Check (height x width) match the PDF dimensions (width x height)
If they don’t match flag for incorrect dimensions
Check the pages to see if the amount of pages shown on Ad Check match those shown in the PDF document
Check the page doesn’t have any missing text or images
Check the page has a relevant model or line list on it If it doesn’t, remove as not MDA - no relevant system on page
Check the page has a Call To Action on it for the OEM and is not a Reseller advert - if it is a Reseller advert remove as not MDA Reseller
Are there any RT mentions in the creative?
Tagline on every relevant page
Tagline displayed on a single Line
Tagline spelling /wording correct
Check for missing or not required full stops, incorrect spacing etc
Tagline clear space from all other copy is a minimum of 4.7mm
This excludes the descending portion of lower case letters but includes accents on the top of letters
Tagline in correct font size/bolding
14.6cm x 10.7cm=15,622 = 9 Bold/10 Unbold
15,622cm - 52,257.96cm =9 Bold/10 Unbold
52,257.96cm – 103,225.6cm = 11 Bold/12 Unbold
103,225.60 cm– XXX = 12 Bold/14 Unbold
Tagline in correct font colour/background (Tagline must be black or white depending on which colour gives max readability and prominence. The background must adequately contrast with the Tagline to ensure it is legible)
Tagline in correct font treatment (It must not be condensed or shrunken unless the same treatment is used for core messaging. It must not appear in Italics)
Tagline in correct font typeface (It must be the same as core messaging typeface, or core messaging typeface but bold, or Segoe)
Tagline in same language as core messaging
Tagline must appear in the same language as the most prominent language used on the activity. If more than one language used it may appear in the same language as any of the languages that are equally prominent
Tagline in same orientation as core messaging
Tagline in top two thirds of the advertisement
Tagline more prominent than any other 3rd party Tagline on the page

Windows Product appears in every Line List
Windows Product name in Line List is correct
Check spelling /capitalisation
The word Microsoft is not allowed to be included in the name mention
Windows Product messaging appears after SKU mention in the Line List
We accept up to 2 words before SKU (excluding Original, Genuine)
Windows Product is on its own
We accept another relevant Windows SKU on the same line
Windows Product is not split or word wrap
Windows Product font matches or is the most prominent item in the Line List
No other item in the Line List should be bolder or in a larger font
Windows Product is first or second in the Line List
Windows Product first or second in software section of a Detailed Technical Specification
It would be incorrect in this section to have DOS, Linux and then Windows
Specific component is not in header or descriptor
if there is 1 specific component in a header Windows Product must be 1st in a Line List (if it is not, we mark it for Windows Product not 1st or 2nd in a Line List, if there is 2 or more specific components in a header they make a separate Line List and it needs to be checked as an individual Line List)
On a page with a Graphic Line List , the Textual Line List is on every relevant page
On a page with a Graphic Line List , the Textual Line List is placed correctly on each relevant page
The Windows Graphic appears in every Graphic Line List
The Windows Graphic is first or second in the Graphic Line List
The Windows Graphic size is correct
The Windows Graphic is at least 93% of the 3rd party logo size in the Graphic Line List
The Windows Graphic used is correct
The Windows Graphic does not touch or overlap any other Graphics
-all issues relating Graphic Line Lists are now marked under the same section as Textual Line List
Thank you!
Lucia Zemko 26/07/2013
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