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ni zhang

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of dfsdf afds f

Dive in Sabah A Little Peaceful Town Dive Sites in Semporna Day 1:
Classroom Study Our Diving Center Registration A Little Peaceful Town Sibuan
Sl Amil
Ronell Reef
Ligitan 3 days PADI Open Water Course + Fun Dive in Sipadan Day 2 & 3
DiveTraining In Sibuan Island Sibuan Island Scuba Instructors Divemasters Day 2 and Day 3
Frogfish Corner
Depth: 12 -- 18 Meters Ready to departure S and L Scuba Instructors and Divemasters Heading towards Sibuan Granam From UK Matt From Australia PK From China Aileen from Australia Matt Granam Susan Jenny Kual from Malaysia Sibuan Island
A land of Peace Diving and Snorkeling Day 4 Day 2 & 3 One of the five top diving destinations in the world Underwater World Dive Sites: West ridge / hanging garden/ Yellowtall Barracuda
Depth: 18 meters Vedio Show hanging Around the island Thanks Boat to Sibuan Island
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