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Luisa Kidwell

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

interesting facts about Locke... ` the man, the myth, the legend John Locke -John Locke thought the philosopy program at Oxford was unsatisfying -The Oxford Philosophy program taught ideas from Greek times FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE OF LOCKE We don't completely agree... EXILE He was very productive in Holland He had time to think and write an essay titled
"An Essay Concerning Human Understanding" em·pir·i·cism /empirsizm/ Noun

1The theory that all knowledge is derived from sense-experience.
2Practice based on experiment and observation. -Everyone starts out with a "blank slate" -Because no one is born with a religious identity, everyone gets their own reality Who doesn't like 'Murica, rainbows, and diversity? Lord Shaftsbury:
- very involved in politics
- didn't get along with English government (important dates) Religious Freedom is best! Life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness?
You can thank John Locke for that phrase! Locke had many critics.
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