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My Famous Family Tree

My pretend family in a world where everything is perfect.

Lauren Gerace

on 27 September 2011

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Transcript of My Famous Family Tree

My Famous Family Tree Member Member Member Member Member Member Member Peter Falk Betty White Frances Bay Harold Gould Jennifer Aniston Ryan Reynolds Alex Pettyfer Zac Efron Lucy Hale Lauren Gerace Peter Falk A.K.A My Grandpa On My Mother's Side *Peter Falk was born on September 16, 1927
in Manhattan, New York. *He enjoys painting. * My grandpa also loves to play chess. *Peter Falk also loves to act!

Betty White
(A.K.A my grandma on my
mother's side) *Acting
*Helping animals *Born on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois.
*Grew up in Los Angeles.
She enjoys... Jennifer Aniston
A.K.A My Mom *Born February 11, 1969 * Raised in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles She Enjoys... * Acting * Philanthropy * Yoga Alex Pettyfer
A.K.A My Brother *Born April 10, 1990 *Born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire *Is now 21 He Enjoys... * Modeling
* Acting *Is now 89 * Is now 42 *Is now 84 Lucy Hale
A.K.A My Sister *Acting * Was born June 14, 1989 *Born in Memphis, Tennessee * Is now 22 * Singing She Enjoys... Harold Gould
A.K.A My Grandpa On
My Dad's Side * Born December 10, 1923 * Born in New York * Is now 88 He Enjoys... * Acting
* Serving his country Frances Bay
A.K.A My Grandma On My Dad's Side * Born January 23, 1919 * Born in Mannville, Alberta * Is now 92 She Enjoys... * Acting * Homemaking Ryan Reynolds
A.K.A My Dad * Born October 23, 1923 * Born in Canada * Is now 35 He Enjoys... * Acting
* Hiking Lauren (ME) * Born December 19, 1998 *Born in Parker, Colorado * Is now 12 I Enjoy... * Basketball * Hanging with friends * Helping animals The Things I Like Best About My Family: Zac Efron
A.K.A My Brother * Born October 18, 1987 * Born In California He Enjoys * Acting
* Singing * Hang out a lot
* Go on shopping sprees everyday
* Everyone is kind and curtious despite their fortune and fame
* Help out others
* Donate a lot to charities
* All different and unique
* I get to see their movies before they come out in theatres
* Spoil me
* Get a lot of love * Siblings are actually kind and mature * Get treated like royalty for being the youngest
* Have the best parties
* Get to travel a lot
* Meet other celebrities
* Appear in magizeans
* Have a blast all the time
* Go hiking with dad
* Helping my family is actually fun
* Spend every moment like its my last Family Portrait My Face When I'm with my family. http://www.peterfalk.com/ http://rosenylundfan001.tripod.com/ http://jenniferanistonsource.com/jennifer/ http://alexpettyfersource.com/wp/ http://www.lucyhale.com/ http://www.nndb.com/people/884/000082638/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0062844/bio http://www.westlord.com/ryan-reynolds-website/ http://www.buddytv.com/zac-efron.aspx *HORSES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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