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Dakota Schuetz:

No description

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Dakota Schuetz:

Work Experience:
Status Update
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With the unwavering support and business sense of his biggest fan, his father Gary, Dakota’s brand was launched in 2008 and strives to be the convergence of Dakota’s creative vision and the shared ambition for the sport of his fellow riders, friends and fans. Kota has signed a multi-year deal with Lucky Scooters, where they will bring to market the Kota Signature Pro Scooter in 2013."
He began practicing scooter to 6 years.Dakota Schuetz (also known as Kota Schuetz) or (Nickname: The Machine) is an American professional freestyle scooter rider and as of early 2014 he is the two time world champion in the USA scooter competition.he is one of just two people to have completed all 40 tricks in Tricknology, an online challenge in which you complete as many tricks on a list as possible.
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His interest in the scooter couldn’t be easily dismissed as a childhood obsession.He is the 1st competitor to win all major international competitions, currently undefeated and ranked #1. Kota is the rare distinction between riders of leisure and truly gifted athletes.
Kota dedicates up to 5 hours everyday to excel at his craft out of sheer desire for winning and outdoing his own performance. And with verve, he has rapidly ascended the ranks after 5 years, to become the prototype of a competitor undoubtedly at the professional level in a soon to be officially recognized action sport.
Practice tricks:
Lives In
He was born in Temecula,(California).
This is a video of lucky brand ;D
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Professional scooter XD
This is my favourite photo of Kota Schuetz XD.

Dakota Schuetz:
These are some of his best videos
He´s not very handsome but, is the best scooter rider in the world.
This is my topic...
Work done by:
-Raúl Leiva Guerra.
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