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Miroslav Kukobat

No description

Miroslav Kukobat

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Miroslav Kukobat

Miroslav Kukobat

Senior Expert on Energy and Infrastructure
Regional Cooperation Council Secretariat

Thank you for your kind attention!

Governance Structure of SEE 2020

Coordination Mechanism for the SEE 2020 Implementation


Rationale behind the SEE 2020 Strategy

SEE 2020 – a regional response to Europe 2020, as the region was left out of the main European growth framework:

-Europe 2020 policy goals and implementation
methods are relevant to enlargement countries, strong need to adjust the strategy to region’s needs, making it more realistic and credible

-Help anchor reform efforts into an overarching growth and development agenda and refocus on growth and competitiveness

-Introduce greater coherence and coordination into the regional cooperation framework


Towards a low carbon economy in the Danube Region:
State of affairs, challenges and prospects

Brussels, 9 July 2013

Resource Efficiency Dimension of SEE 2020 Sustainable Growth Pillar

Fine tuning and full transparency of the process
close and permanent consultations with the business community, civil society and other ``bottom-up`` players

Comprehensive consultations
areas of the highest priority for the region will be selected and related targets, measures and activities, indicators and monitoring mechanisms identified

Other possible priority areas
energy poverty elimination, CCA, IWRM, reforestation, biodiversity and nature protection, waste management, waste treatment, recycling, waste water treatment …

Smart growth:
commitment to compete on value added, promoting knowledge and innovation across the board

Five pillars of SEE 2020

Sustainable growth:
enhancing competitiveness, entrepre-neurship and a commitment to greener and more resource-efficient development

Governance for growth:
improving the capacity of public administrations to strengthen the rule of law and reduce corruption so as to create a business-friendly environment

Inclusive growth:
skills development, employment creation and labour market participation by all, including vulnerable groups and minorities

Integrated growth:
deeper regional trade and investment linkages and policies enhancing the flow of goods, investment, services and persons

SEE 2020

Cross-Cutting Issues

Promoting JHA and
Security Cooperation

RCC Strategy for the next three years

Promoting Stability and Rule of Law:
Security cooperation, fighting organized
crime and supporting cooperation in
migration menagement
27% of programmed activities

Extending Participation,
Widening Partnerships:
Parliamentary cooperation,
media development, CSOs,
gender issues
8% of programmed activities

SEE 2020

Job-creating growth and European integration:
Integrated, smart, inclusive, sustainable
growth underpinned by good governance
65% of programmed activities

Resource Efficiency Dimension of SEE 2020 Sustainable Growth Pillar

- SEE 2020 will incorporate 2 targets
established under the EnC

- GHG targets from the EnC to be
integrated into SEE 2020 (EU 202020

Resource Efficiency Dimension
tackle energy and climate/environmental challenges, integrate energy and environmental aspects into the wider context of economic growth and enhance regional response to these raising multidisciplinary challenges

Green Economy
create jobs, support competitiveness and cut costs, while preserving health and environment

Energy and Climate/Environmental Policies
being the key of sustainability, stand at the heart of the SEE 2020 growth agenda

to be deeply engrained in all SEE 2020 policies

Energy and Environmental Activities within the new RCC SWP 2014-2016
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