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The Case for Project-Based Learning: Engaging 21st Century Learners

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Ryan Steuer

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of The Case for Project-Based Learning: Engaging 21st Century Learners

The Case for Project-Based Learning: Engaging 21st Century Learners
Authentic Audiences
Key Components of a successful Project-Based Learning Unit
Entry Event
Need to Knows
Process of Revision and Reflection
Rigorous Academics
Presentation to Authentic Audience
Student Voice and Choice
Entry Event
Why should I care about your project?
Build inquiry that will lead to learning
Driving Question - How do I make my vote count?
Student Need to Knows
Process of Revision and Reflection
Rigorous Academics
Standards based
Pre and Post Tests
Presentation to an Authentic Audience
Student Voice and Choice
Scaffolding your project for success!
Step 1-Identify the Problem
Step 2-Solution Criteria
Step 3-Solution Research
Step 4-Picking a Solution
Step 5-Create, Run, and Inspect the Final Solution
Step 6-Reflect on the Solution
More detailed Six-Step Process
Need to knows?
Examples of Success
Student questions drive learning through workshops
Facilitator embeds "breadcrumbs" for students to follow
Post-its, Google Doc, Titanpad, Padlet
Provide students with the structure that they need to explore the project but feel supported.
Allow the students to have the chance to ask about what they do not know and then attend workshops to learn.
Workshops are key to addressing the needs of all learners (DNP to Pass+)
Refine work to create a better end product.
Collaborate with classmates to get feedback to improve work.
Reflect on standards learned and 21st century skills utilized.
Gives students ownership in their own learning.
Creates a student driven culture.
More Resources:
PBL Academy - Columbus
PBL Institute - Ben Davis
Prism - www.rose-prism.org
Participants will...
-receive an overview of Project Based Learning
-leave with access to resources to implement PBL
-example projects (PRISM)
-Professional Development Opportunities
-more Prezis with more PBL info
Driving Question: How can Project Based Learning be used to reach all learners?
Contact Info: Ryan Steuer
Prezi: Ryan Steuer
Project Based Learning Successes
Project Based Learning Nuts and Bolts
Need to Knows
Contact Info
Columbus Behavioral Center

Wall to wall Project Based Learning
3-12 grade
80% Medicaid
Placed by legal system (family issues, self harm, acute hospital stay)
In facility 24/7
4-6 month stay
Projects - Childhood Development, Pregnancy Care Center, Reflection
Collaboration notes from Session 2
Technology with a purpose
Need to Knows - Google Docs, TitanPad, Padlet
Presentation - PPT, Prezi, SlideRocket(new name)
Social Media(build culture) - Edmoto, Twitter, Visible Tweet, Facebook Page,
MISC - Glogster, Aurasma, VoiceThread, Animoto, Xtranormal, SKYPE, Weebly, Moonfruit
Math - Khan Acadmey (TedTalk), ArcademicSkillBuilder.com
KeepVid - Download Youtube videos
Screencastomatic - record your screen with audio
Fakebook - Check out Nelson Mandela Social Media youtube vid
#PBLChat 9pm Eastern
GenerationOn - Service Learning Grants
Youth As Resources
Pinterest - Find Cool education boards (NewTechNetwork)
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