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Survival Challenge PLTW

No description

Hannah Stumbo

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Survival Challenge PLTW

PLTW Survival Challenge
Task #3

Tyler Bruce, Dylan McIntyre, Olivia Donnelly, Selena Stiles, Travis Priddy, and Hannah Stumbo We needed to make a machine to move all of the doctor's equipment from room to room. It has to be able to travel horizontally and vertically. We also had to create a cardio regulator, which monitors your heartbeat. OUR TASK -weight
-direction of travel
-multi-terrain Constraints Decision Matrix Original Improvements Develop Ides Each person in our group came up with their own idea. Then we chose one person's idea in our group. We then took different components of each persons' design and combined them into one. Test and Evaluate At first our robot had only 4 wheels. We then decided to
add 4 little wheels as well for rough terrain. In case the robot
"flipped over" the smaller wheels would balance it.
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