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classic rock artists that play guitars made by Gibson

mikal ball

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Gibson

Greatest Gibson Players If you think 60's and 70's you probably think of bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Bachman Turner Overdrive, The Guess Who, The Who , The beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane and many many more. but in every band there are guitars. We'll be focusing on the bands that played the all too famous Gibson guitars. But first let me tell you what Gibson is for those of you who are unfamilliar with the company. Gibson was founded on October 11, 1902 by Orville Gibson. in addition to electric and acoustic guitars they also build pianos, Drums and mandolins. in fact Orville Gibson started out designing mandolins. now that you know what gibson is here are some of the most famous Artists who played them Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton plays a Peter Frampton Signature model Les Paul which he played throughout his career in his first band Humble pie and his most famous solo album Frampton Comes Alive. Randy Bachman

Lead Guitarist Randy Bachman from the bands The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive has played a Goldtop Les Paul throughout his career. it's considered his axe of choice next to a couple of Fender Guitars. The Edge ( aka: David Howell Evans)

The Edge from the band U2 uses several Gibson models including a 1976 Gibson Explorer Limited Edition, a Les Paul Custom, a 1983 30th Anniversary Goldtop, an ES-335, an SG and a J-200.
Elliot Easton
lead guitarist Elliot Easton from The Cars has used several Gibson SG models and a Les Paul Custom in the "Since You're Gone" video. Gibson currently produces an Elliot Easton signature model SG as part of their "Inspired By" series manufactured by the Gibson Custom Shop
Jimmy Paige

lead guitarist Jimmy Paige from Led Zepplin uses a 1959 Les Paul ("Number 1", acquired from Joe Walsh), a 1959 Les Paul , a 1973 Les Paul, an EDS-1275, a 1977 RD Artist, an ES5 Switchmaster, a Goldtop Premium Les Paul and a 1991 Custom Shop Les Paul (built to be an exact replica of "Number 1" and re-nicknamed "Number 3"). Page also owned a modified 1960 Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" with a Bigsby tailpiece and a 3-pickup configuration. This guitar was stolen in 1970 and never recovered.For acoustics Page used a Hummingbird, a J-200 and an A-2 mandolin. Gibson has released a Jimmy Page Signature model Les Paul replicating the features of "Number 2". Page used an EDS-1275 double neck guitar during his live performances of Stairway to Heaven and The Song Remains the Same Neil Young

Neil young plays a black les paul nicknamed Old Black. Young acquired Old Black in 1969 through a trade with one-time Buffalo Springfield collaborator Jim Messina, who received one of Young's orange Gretsch guitars (Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins) in exchange. Neal young still plays Old Black to this day. This list covers just a small precentage of Gibson players. To see the whole list log on to www.Wikipedia.com and type in "list of Gibson players". And if your ever in the market for a guitar I would strongly recommend...
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