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Persuasive Exposition

MCS English

Chad Grant

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Persuasive Exposition

Persuasive Text

MCS English
When you write an exposition you are either trying to persuade someone that your point of view is correct or prove what you know about a certain topic.
Therefore, the structure you use and your choice of language is very important.
In this Prezi we will look at:

The basic structure
Books are better than Movies
The "body arguments" are the real guts of your essay. This is where you provide the detail of your arguments and evidence.

Normally your body will have three paragraphs. One for each of your arguments. But sometimes there may be more
Each paragraph should have 5 sentences. knowing what to put into each of these sentences is what makes essay writing easy.
Here at MCS we use the TEEEC Acronym to help us remember what to include in each sentence.
More on that soon.
Paragraph 1

Each body paragraph has its own argument.

Each argument must be introduced in the introduction and relate to the topic.
The body is the bulk of your essay. At least 3/4, which means this is where you get the majority of your marks.
It is also the trickiest part to get right, because there is a lot to do and many rules to follow. However, if you plan properly you will find it much easier.
Body Paragraph 2
Imagination is your key to everywhere and a well written book is the door.
Books provide the average reader escape, adventure and emotions at a turn of a page that most would never experience in a lifetime. Authors truly are a gift to humanity, taking a moment to share their imagination with vivid accuracy with others, providing you the opportunity to feel as though you have lived a moment in the shoes of someone else.

As Mr March states "My imagination is better than any directors, because it's mine, it knows what i like."

Why do teenagers repel these delights?

Imagination delights those who are willing to release themselves to its joy, and there is no better stimulus than the words contained in books.

Body Paragraph 3
The conclusion needs the following:
Your conclusion should not include any new information that influences your overall argument
Your conclusion should provide a final, comprehensive answer to the essay topic
Books are better than movies, is a quintessential argument, and it is an obvious one. The more students move away from fostering a love for reading the more our literacy levels fall, the more stress impacting people's lives and the more money Hollywood executives make. It is time to appreciate the whole story and not some fat wigs abbreviated interpretation.
In particular, Arguments
The introduction gives us your arguments. There is no need to expand or provide evidence in the introduction.
Just order your arguments from strongest to weakest. Your body will follow this order as well.
You will need three reasons to support your opinion. Write one sentence to introduce each of your supporting reasons.

Final Sentence
The Introduction needs to introduce What it is you are going to talk about.
The Book
The Movie
The question
Your opinion/answer
how your arguments will unfold
Then finish your intro with a final sentence recapping your thesis, just to remind your audience of the topic and how you feel about it.
Structure of Introduction

The TEEEC Paragraph Structure
- Topic Sentence (Argument)
- Expand (More Information)
- Example (support)
- Explain (how)
- Concluding sentence (Link)

Here are some Examples of paragraphs using the TEEEC structure.
A summing up statement about the text and main idea of the ideas that you have covered.
Summarise/draw together the content of the body of your essay, drawing together main points
Give a final evaluation of issues/point of view
Link back to intro using key words
Strong terminating sentence
Well there you go. That is the structure of a exposition/essay.
The topic sentence should let us know what the paragraph will be arguing.
By the time the audience has finished reading the topic sentence they should be aware of the point that you are discussing.
The topic sentence only introduces the argument. The focus of the paragraph. It should not be a factual statement or provide other supporting details
Which of the following is a good topic sentence?
A. Charles Dickens had a very traumatic childhood
B. Charles Dickens worked for 12 hours a day in a shoe factory
A. In the distance, the river looked like a silver thread.
B. The view from the tower was breathtaking
A. Men went to fight in the war which meant women could work in the factories for the first time.
B. The effects of war meant that many women were able to break out of gender stereotypes
Next you need to expand on from your topic sentence
Explain what you mean in greater detail and give it a more specific focus
This is where you start to provide your supporting details.
What is it that you are trying to say?
What do you mean?
Pretend you are talking to an alien. The alien doesn't have much of an idea about what goes on here on earth. You tell him your topic sentence, It's still a bit unsure what you mean. So now you spend a sentence or two explaining, in more detail what you think is important, and what you are trying to argue.
Now that you have put forward your opinion or argument, you will need to provide some evidence or an example to support these claims and show that you are right.
This is usually done by finding a relevant quote or statistic that supports your argument
Every body paragraph must have evidence
If you take out the quotation marks it should read properly
"ie. Like proper English"
Books form the basis of our literacy skills, reading and writing. "1 in 5 adults are illiterate," as a result of poor reading habits "two thirds of whom are women."
Repeat "expand and example" when necessary. No need to stop with one when you may have more brilliant quotes. The more support for your opinion the better.
After you show your example it is usually required that you have a sentence to explain how the example helps support your thesis.
Just think of that pesky alien again. The more you explain the more they will understand.
Finally, you will provide a linking sentence, which summarises your paragraph in a sentence, linking it back to your thesis.
Your Turn to Practise
Heading -

Thesis -
Explain -
Arguments -

Link -
This will happen after you have explained your argument and provided evidence.
For example you could begin your linking sentence "This shows that..."
It is a little mini conclusion for your paragraph
Reading a wide range of books is perhaps the best way to expose yourself to wide range excellent literacy. This exposure like a radioactive catastrophe seeps into your mind and plants the seeds to your own advanced understanding of the English language. In 2013, research showed conclusively that students who regularly read were far more intelligent and competent in literacy skills than those who think dole checks are cool. Reading is not the only skill improved by adsorbing novels, in fact both writing and spelling skills improve dramatically as well. So, reading is both entertaining and educational, Those on Centrelink say whaat???




In this prezi:
you will be required to take some notes on the content that you learn.
Major headings will be red. These should be at the top of the page and be underlined.

Subheadings will be blue. These will be on the left hand side of the page and be underlined.

Notes that you will need to copy will be yellow. These should be neat and appear underneath a heading.

Activities for you to do will be green. Copy the activities down and complete
Letter to the Editor
Without a doubt, intelligent people would agree, that books are always certainly better than movies.
The talented author Jane Austin sums this point of view up extremely well with the line "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."
Obviously, there are countless reasons why this statement rings true. Firstly, books provide an escape into imaginative ecstasy immeasurable compared to films. Books also develop readers literacy skills benefiting society's intellectual capacity. Plus, books are perhaps the best way to spend a cool weekend recuperating from the stress of reality.
For these three reasons alone, books reign supreme over their lesser, knock off films, or if you like, books ugly cousins.
Imagine a day when the sky is overcast, the heavens open with torrential and constant rain lashing the corrugated roof,the wind shakes the foundations of your house. You sit glum, exhausted after a horrendous week, stressed beyond compare. It is cold. You get a warm blanket from the cupboard, boil some tea, snuggle on the couch and emerge into a world surrounded by your favourite characters. All of a sudden the week is forgotten, your health bar on your HUD regenerates, a smile touches the corners of your lips and a tear rolls down your cheek. You are reading a book and you feel good. You laugh at the humour, cry with the heart break and keep reading because of the suspense, desperate to stay in the moment. If it was a movie it be over by now. But the book keeps going. The story continues. The characters feel real. You return to reality equipped with the dream that next week won't be so bad. So now you see, books are entertaining, educational and healthy.
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