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Are Five Heads Better than One? by: the Lewin's

OB 14 November Class presentation by Antonio Caçorino & Pedro Figueiredo

Pedro Figueiredo

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Are Five Heads Better than One? by: the Lewin's

Are Five Heads Better than one? Evan Conner Alexis Judy Derek The team Quick Theory Group Team Goal
Skills Independence Dependence/ interdependence Return to Independence Forming Storming Norming Adjourning Performing Tuckman’s Five-Stage Theory
of Group Development Forming Storming Norming Performing Role Role Ambiguity vs Role overload Role overload case Groupthink Asch effect Groupthink Asch effect Groupthinking Solutions Types of Work Teams The Lewin's António Caçorino &
Pedro Figueiredo 1.What factors contributed to the
poor performance of the Advert’s team?
As a manager, what could you have done
to help the team perform better? 2.According to the case, the Advert team was given a relatively high degree of autonomy.
How might this autonomy have contributed to the presence of Groupthink? 3. Teams can be either homogeneous or heterogeneous.
How would you characterize the Advert team,
and how did this affect the team’s creativity and performance? 4. What are some group decision-making techniques
that could have helped reduce conformity pressures
and groupthink among the Advert team? Case Questions Conclusion Derek Should be the boss!! António Caçorino &
Pedro Figueiredo Thankfull for your attention! The Lewin's Effective Teamwork Requires: Cooperation rather than competition

Trust: reciprocal faith in others intentions and behaviour

Cohesiveness: a sense of "we-ness", strength of team members´ desire to remain part of the team Enhancing Cohesiveness Questions Have you ever felt the Asch effect? Have you ever been afraid of giving your point of view? Asch experiment
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