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4.02 Judicial Review

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Madison Gordon

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of 4.02 Judicial Review

How is your role in government the same as an elected official?
My role in government is the same as an elected official because we both have the power to check each others branches in order to make sure that we are all counterbalanced when it comes to power.
Do you think judges should be elected? Explain why or why not.
I do not think judges should be elected because it is so vital that each judge's loyalty is not the will of the people but to the Constitution. I am an extremely conservative judge as told from my cases.
Please explain how you arrived at your decision, including different factors that affected it.
Safety was the one and only factor that was affected. Many people can be distracted by such noise. I do not see any wrong in someone playing music in their own car, nor should anyone else. On the other hand, the whole entire town doesn't need to hear it!
Please explain the role of judicial review in a case you recently decided.
In my latest case, a citation made by an officer due to someone playing music to loud in a motor vehicle was upheld. I decided that the law had not violated the right to freedom of expression.
How is your role in government different from an elected official?
My role in government is different from an elected official because of the fact that I was not elected by the people but by an elected official. The government appoints judges in this manner so that decisions aren't made based on the will of the people but on the law of the Constitution.

What is judicial review?
Judicial review is a review by the federal courts to make sure that a decision has been made constitutional.

4.02 Judicial Review- Sam robinson
Madison Gordon
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