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A View From The Outside

Introduction to S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders, and culture in the 60's.

Clayton Montoya

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of A View From The Outside

A View From The Outside An introduction to:
S.E. Hinton
The Outsiders
Greaser Culture (50's-60's)
S.E. Hinton AKA Susan Eloise Hinton

Born: 22-Jul-1948
Age: 61
Birthplace: Tulsa, OK
Occupation: Author

Author of books:
The Outsiders (1967, novel)
That Was Then, This Is Now (1971, novel)
Rumble Fish (1979, novel)
Tex: A Novel (1980, novel)
Taming the Star Runner (1988)
The Puppy Sister (1995, juvenile)
Hawkes Harbor (2004, novel) F.A.Q. Q: Is the book 'The Outsider' a fiction book or a nonfiction book?

A: It is completley fiction, though I did base the Soc vs Grease conflict on what was going on in my high school.
Q: How did you first get the idea to write The Outsiders?

A: I wrote The Outsiders because I (1) like to write
(2) was mad about the social situation in my high school where everyone got in their little group and wouldn't make friends outside it and...
(3) I wanted to read it. There was no realistic fiction being written about teenagers when I was in high school--everything was "Mary-Jane Goes to The Prom". Novel Facts S.E. Hinton was just 17 years old when she sold her first novel, The Outsiders.
First published in 1967
The story of the struggle between two groups of teens -- Greasers and Socs (pronounced "soashes")
Blunt depiction of violence and cruelty in the social structure of American high schools. F.A.Q.

Q: Do you know the exact year "The Outsiders" was based in? I've heard '61. But the mustang wasn't invented 'til '64. (Question submitted by Becca)

A: The Outsiders is set in the year 1965, the year I was writing it.
F.A.Q. F.A.Q. Q: I just read The Outsiders in school, and I couldn't get over the names. why was there such vivid names?

A: I do remember at that age everyone wishing they were named something else, probably part of establishing an identity other than the one your parents have for you. The strange names seemed to fit the characters, though, so I left them.
Q: Why do you only use your last name instead of your full name? (Question submitted by Jason)
A: I use my initials instead of my first name because the publishers were afraid the first reviewers would assume a girl couldn't write a book like the Outsiders. After that, I found liked the privacy of having a "public" name and a private one, so it has worked out fine.
F.A.Q. Greaser Culture
50's & 60's Greasers are a working class youth subculture
originated in the 1950s among young eastern and Southern United States street gangs (Especially in New York and Chicago)
In the 1950s and early 1960s, these youths were known as hoods. ORIGINS STYLE Their name came from their greased back hair, which involved combing back hair with wax, gel, creams, tonics or pomade. The Novel is based in Tusla Oklahoma IDIOMS “fair one”
“lone it”
“digs movies”
“get jumped”
“tight knit”
“bump on a log”
“lift a hubcap”
“tag a long”
"turf" “fair one” - A fist fight, without weapons, between one or more representatives of two rival gangs.

"Rumble" -To fight or brawl with a rival gang.

“lone it” - To go alone

“digs movies” - To enjoy movies

“clique” - A gang or crew

"heater" - a gun

“get jumped” - To attack rival gang members without warning.

“tight knit” - Close, in the sense of close friends.

“bump on a log” - Lazy; not useful or helpful

“Bopping” - Same as "Rumble"

“lift a hubcap” - To steal a hubcap

“tag a long” - To go along with someone

“wise cracker” - Someone who is obnoxiously - "Wise Guy"

"turf" - Territory (usually claimed by a gang) The Socals (Socs) Live on the West side of Tusla
They are children from wealthy families
Rivals of the East side Greasers
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