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No description

Francis Kneebone

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of mLearning

Elastic Style Sheets (CSS)

/* iPhone and mobiles */@media handheld and (max-width: 480px), screen and (max-device-width: 480px), screen and (max-width: 600px) { /* CSS RULES HERE */}

/* Tablets and Netbooks */@media screen and (min-width: 920px) { /* CSS RULES HERE */}

/* Medium PC Screens */@media screen and (min-width: 1350px) { /* CSS RULES HERE */}

/ Big PC Screens */@media screen and (min-width: 1500px) { /* CSS RULES HERE */} Optimisation bit.ly/mobiletouch

bit.ly/ebookguide Any Where Any Time Device
A Peer Learning Device
A Peer Sharing Device
A Flexible Learning Device
A Community Device
A ‘Common’ Device?
A Comfortable Device
A Work Place Device
A Coveted Device mlearning hicksdesign.co.uk bit.ly/25Wmobile eg. m.facebook Bottom Up Approach

Build your Mobile Site, then Scale up for Desktops. Learners are mobile
Content is mobile
Work is mobile
Education...? Action #1.
Survey Your Learners

Google Analytics/Mobile "Any activity that allows individuals to be
more productive when consuming,
interactive with, or creating information,
mediated through a compact digital
portable device that the individual carriers
on a regular basis, has reliable connectivity,
and it fits in a pocket or purse."

Clark Quinn, eLearning Guild training at point of need
augmented human! SDK...x,y,z html5test.com Time to adoption: One Year or Less
• Electronic Books
• Mobiles
Time to adoption: Two to Three Years
• Augmented Reality
• Game-based Learning
Time to adoption: Four to Five Years
• Gesture-based Computing
• Learning Analytics The featurephone market has collapsed
79% of new mobiles shipped are smartphones.
iPhone just passed Nokia for 1st Place

31%-47% data included in payment plan
43%-62% had more than 50MB included

"2010 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index" live!
productivity Action #2.
Test Current Content

devices vs emulators vs browsers Where it's @ mDesign mTools todaysmeet.com/learn11 how do you use your phone? The future of web content, and therefore
e-learning content, will be increasingly mobile. E-learning design, therefore, cannot be done without considering m-learning design. Q. If your learners could do your training and assessment anytime, anywhere.... ?

efficiencies / problems ? They are already doing it.
To access course info, your timetable, the LMS, to look up external sites or videos to help them with their study. Action #3

Needs Analysis a) devices$$ but most accurate
b) emulators (opera.mini.demo)
c) browsers (setmy.browsersize) Live! Content Assessment Productivity URL Shortners (why, how, examples)

Polling - (SMS Poll, Poll Everywhere)

Back Channels
Visible Tweets
Todays Meet
Open Google Doc Notes/Forms
>>bit.ly/eblender2 + iPad Prezi

Should Mobiles be allowed in Schools? iOS- Qrafter
An - QuickMark
bb - BeeTagg Podcasting - iTunes U, Alternatives
Cloud Sync: Audio Boo, Evernote, iCloud.
Content Aggregators - Qwiki, Flipboard,
Pre made content, books and apps

Mobile Video - HTML5 Player
<iFrame> tags POV glasses
Start Any Point Youtube URL Code #t=01m30s
Break into Playlist of small parts

ebooks and 'offline' learning Google Forms
Audio Boo
Voice Memos
Dropbox (send to dropbox) Assessment Results
GPS maps
SMS notification
QR Codes - Local Orientation, Documents..
The Device VS The Cloud Q: Employability Skills:  What can you teach/recommend your students about using their own mobile phones/content? Action #4
eStandards e-standards.flexiblelearning.net.au
w3.org/TR/mobile-bp/ swiffy.googlelabs.com/ HTML is fine but avoid anything that requires plugins, eg. Flash, or Silverlight.

A touch screen has no right mouse button, so you cannot use any user interaction that requires a right mouse button. bit.ly/HTML5canvas When you use objects that have actions on hovering the object that won't work on a touch screen, since that only supports the click action.

Usually for touchscreen UI, larger fonts are required, there may not be any pop-ups, in some cases a touchscreen keyboard will be displayed based on dynamic features. Response speed of the site/application with screen touch is very important. People can wait on their PCs however on their mobile/Kiosks they cannot wait for delays in response time. You need to provide alot of space for the hot spots. Keep in mind the finger size can vary and design for the fattest finger in mind.

Remember both Left and Right hand using people (Ambidextrous design) will be using the site so providing equal experience to both is important. PAN, ROTATE, SWIPE ZOOM, MULTI TOUCH GESTURES Mobile Dedicated Q: What makes the mobile content experience different?

todaysmeet.com/learn11 App Development How much and how long to build an app? complexity
long term costs
maintenance appwizard.ovi.com/ UI conventions appwizard.ovi.com/web_nokia/stepone.jsp yhoo.it/swipeleft onlineschools.org/state-of-the-internet/soti.html Google Apps
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