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ContentM for Educators: Teacher and Classroom Sites

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Katie Brosious

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of ContentM for Educators: Teacher and Classroom Sites

Creating websites for elite educators:
The Teacher Version Posting Homework Creating Lesson Plans Creating Blogs...

and post to Discussion Boards Collaborating via Social Media Making Introductions Information Branding yourself Announcements Schedules Events Supply Lists Syllabi Grade Scales Birthdays Notes News Links Biographies Course Descriptions Learning Tools Sharing Class Resources Calendars ContentM makes it easy when you're... or Uploading Slideshows. And creating Photo Albums after your most recent field trip. Customer Support Intuitiveness Custom Design and Templates Slimplicity The most advanced and intuitive system for teacher websites. It allows you to create, manage and maintain an advanced website with no training. Find out more information sales@allofe.com 785-832-2900 etc... and your classroom. Or when you're... Or when you're... ContentM makes it easy. and allowing students to comment that becomes a friendship. in design, functionality and especially ease of use. because it's designed for the non-technical educator Drag N Drop Functionality Point and Click Editing Look and Feel Customization to make it your own. to put things where you want them. to save you time. and constant updates to keep your website at the forefront of technology with it's... CotentM is...
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