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Pride Guidelines

This is a prezi to show you the guidelines that we expect you to follow during the school year!

Allison Lehrmann

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Pride Guidelines

1. Be Ready
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Responsible
Wildcat Voice Levels
BLUE= Whisper
YELLOW = Normal Conversation Voice
ORANGE = Whole group presentation voice
Outside Voice /
Not Screaming
When we do all these things, we all feel safe at school and can be the Super Hero's we are meant to be!
Only play
approved games.
No screaming
Four Square
Knockout -
Playground Equipment
1. When the whistle blows, take a knee. Immediately!
2. Students with equipment bring them up to turn in.
3. When the whistle is blown again, you may line up in class lines.
No Jumping
Walking in
the hallway
Facing forward
Hands to your side
White Voices
1. White Voice in gym
2. Go directly to cafeteria.
3. You may work on assignments or read. Study hall.
4. Wait for bell.
5. Dismiss and move to classroom
with adult direction.
You must have the correct ticket to leave the school.
(Car Rider, Walker, Bus)
1. Use white voices in the classroom, no exceptions.
2. Wait in area until you are dismissed.
3. Listen and watch for bus number.
4. Sit quietly in your bus line, White Voices.
Avoid teasing and
cutting in lines
1. Line up one behind another.
2. Use yellow voices.
3. Sit down immediately after getting food.
4. Remain seated unless you have raised your hand and have adult permission to leave.
5. Remain seated until dismissed.
6. Leave a clean eating area.
If you do all these things you will be respectful, safe and responsible young men and women!
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